Cara Delevingne Had The Most Awkward Interview Ever, And Now She’s Pissed Off


Cara Delevingne was treated to a very awkward interview with Good Day Sacramento. The conversation was suppose to discuss her acting role in John Green’s “Paper Towns,” but instead, Delevingne was given a series of profoundly bizarre questions, to which she gave many sarcastic answers.

Right out of the gate, one of the anchors asked whether Delevingne actually read Paper Towns, or whether she was too busy. She responded with a joke.

“Uh, no I never read the book, or the script. I kind of winged it.”

Another anchor then asked whether she felt she was too busy, or whether being busy helped her stay focused. Delevingne said she was confused about where that question even came from. Me too, for the record.

A third anchor joined in the discussion, commenting that he felt Delevingne didn’t seem very excited about the movie anymore. The anchors then condescendingly suggested that she should “take a little nap” or “get a Red Bull.”

While perhaps Delevingne could have faked it a little better, there is no doubt that the questions she was asked were just really really…strange.

She followed up the interview by suggesting that the anchors simply did not get her “British sense of humor.”

She also retweeted some fans who offered her support after the interview / post interview commentary.

Very odd situation. Well, see for yourself! A video for the whole interview is below!