Cardi B’s Baby Shower Was Extra AF


Cardi B and Offset are almost ready to welcome their little girl into the world, which means it’s time for a good old-fashioned baby shower! Or, you know, a super sweet, super lit party with all their famous friends and family.

It’s no real surprise that the couple are celebrating the upcoming addition to their family in luxury. I mean, if I were as rich as Cardi and Offset, there’s no doubt I would do the same. Still, I can’t help but look through the pictures and think, “Wow, this is so extra.”

First of all: CARDI’S OUTFIT. I’m obsessed. If I’m ever pregnant, I hope I get to wear something that beautiful, and that it looks even a fraction as good on me.

Of course, Offset is looking pretty stylish, too.

But even besides how elegant the two look, the rest of their baby shower was perhaps even more stunning.

And hey, say what you want about Cardi and Offset (who are, if you don’t remember, husband and wife), but they’re actually looking pretty adorable together.

Let’s just say that if this child isn’t wearing diamonds by the age of five, I’m going to be very surprised.