Caring About My Looks Doesn’t Make Me Shallow And It Doesn’t Make Me Dumb


I love makeup, glitter, and the color pink. I love curling my hair, braiding my hair, and getting dressed up. I take selfies when my makeup is on point, I work out because it makes me feel and look good, and I take birds-eye view pictures of all of my pretty food.

I have fun in life, I go with the flow, and I laugh a lot of things off. I care about how I look because I enjoy looking good, not because I do it for other people. Despite the fact that I love all of these super girly things, I am not dumb, self absorbed, or shallow.

People (especially teachers and bosses) love to make it seem like I am some sort of stupid, prissy, blonde girl who only cares about looks, and I am SO TIRED of it.

I love to read. I love to work out. I love learning. I love camping in tents and hiking because I love nature, and I love the environment.

I love animals, I love meaningful conversations with people, I love wearing sweatpants, I love wearing no makeup, and I love eating three loaded nachos all in one bite (and then, of course, going on to finish the rest of the nachos).

I love my family, I love my friends, I care about what is going on around the world, I know what I want in life, and I have goals.

I care about how I look, and I deserve respect, all at the same time.

I love all of the same things that people who don’t care about girly things love, plus the girly things. Not wearing makeup doesn’t make you better, deeper, or smarter than anyone who loves makeup and fashion. Enjoying material things doesn’t make me shallow, it definitely doesn’t define who I am, and it is possible to care about makeup and “important” things all at once.

This is for all of my girls who just want to be taken seriously, despite your perfect eyebrows and luscious curls.