Carole Radziwill Talked About What Caused Her Falling Out With Bethenny Frankel


In a new E! interview Carole Radziwill talked about the biggest (and most surprising) drama on this season of Real Housewives of New York City: her falling out with former BFF Bethenny Frankel.

In the interview, Carole says she started seeing Bethenny in a new light. The luster of their new friendship wore off and she began to realize that in her opinion, their values weren’t aligned. Bethenny’s overly blunt and aggressive personality started to wear on the laid back writer.

She seems sad, saying they really did have a friendship offscreen and she “just saw some behavior that I just didn’t think was consistent with someone I would consider a really good friend.” Carole characterizes this behavior as “gossipy”, “mean”, and “unnecessary”. She says we will see on the show what she’s talking about, but that it was a series of incidents where she didn’t like Bethenny’s behavior, not one scandal or event that cause them to scale back their friendship.