If Women’s Lives Are So Hard Then Why Are They So Catty?


Women are notorious for being catty. They are stereotyped as competitive, jealous, backstabbing humans who operate on mostly two-faced friendships. For some of us, this ends with high school, or if we’re lucky, middle school. But for many women, their “fake” friendships thrive into their forties, fifties, and sixties. It needs to stop.

Women are already the subordinate sex. We make 80 cents to a man’s dollar, are perpetually talked down to, and relentlessly objectified and sexualized by the media. But we already know that. So, with that knowledge, why is it that women still feel the need to bring other women down?

There are a thousand things in society today to get heated over; yet we choose to get upset over the length of another female’s skirt or the loud personality of the girl across the bar?

We compete with classmates, coworkers, and even our best friends. More often than not, it only brings out the worst in both parties. Judging our fellow females may feel good short-term, but in the long-term it depletes us, hurts us, and limits us. When we spend our time thinking negatively about the women next to us, and feeling jealously, we are limited from enjoying the life and crushing the goals that lie in front of us.

So catch yourself. Bite your tongue when your friends start badmouthing the girl who had the balls to wear those heels. Extend a compliment to the gorgeous waitress after she takes your order. And offer a little more support to your friends who know and love you as you are. You both deserve it.