Celebrate The Fact That You Got Up Today


We put so much pressure on ourselves to be amazing, to be the best of the best, and when that doesn’t happen for some people, it’s like the world has ended. They feel like a failure or worthless. Everybody has been through one of those days where you try to bring everything together and it falls apart.

We are so focused on coming across as well put together and perfect that we forget to really look at ourselves and how we are doing. We are eager to check up on our friends and family, and yet we allow ourselves to fall apart because we forget that we are important too.

We are so focused on having huge victories and accomplishments to show off that we often forget about the small victories, the little things we do every day that prove we are stronger than we think. In this day and age, people are talking about mental health, and that’s good, but we need to be talking about it even more. As much as it’s great to celebrate the big things and the large victories, let us encourage those who struggle with mental health to celebrate the small victories.

You didn’t feel like waking up, but you got up today.

You argued with your best friend, but you got up today.

You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, but you got up today.

You feel alone and lost, but you got up today.

You’re tired of fighting, but you got up today.

Everything feels like it’s going wrong, but for now that doesn’t matter, because you got up today.

Every day doesn’t have to be a massive victory for you. Take every day one step at a time. YOU GOT UP TODAY. You decided to get up, even if it was just for five minutes. You brushed your teeth. You showered. You made your bed. You ate. You got up, and that takes an immeasurable amount of strength. It takes bravery to be able to face whatever is out there that scares you, and that in itself is the biggest victory.

Don’t push yourself to do more than you’re ready for. Start off small and at your own pace. Get talking and share your little victories, just like you would share your big ones. It’s not about what you didn’t do yesterday but what you decide to do today. You can do this. You are stronger than you know.