Celebrate The Small Victories


Sometimes life feels heavy on our chest. Sometimes all the progress we made seems like it vanished and went to waste. It is hard when you realize that, and it is harder to have a healthy relationship with yourself then. You feel mad and frustrated at yourself. I know the feeling. I often feel it. My actions do not match up my intentions and plans. I do not do everything I said I would, although I could, and I don’t own up to my world at times. The thing is, the more you feel that way, the more you drag yourself down, and you can drown. Life already has external factors that make you fall, and you need to be the savior of your night every single time. You need to be the team you can rely on in order to move forward and not feel stuck in chaos.

A toxic relationship with oneself happens from not staying true to your own words and good intentions. You start feeling like a liar, and you might feel like taking the easy way out.  Even if this is true, wanting to make progress is great and is already something you should be proud of. We are humans and we make mistakes, and you should watch how you speak and take care of yourself.

Progress comes from celebrating the little victories you make along the way. We all have our small victories. The problem is that, when we do something great eight times, we think that’s how it should be. We forget to give ourselves words of encouragement and kindness, and the one time we don’t manage to do something, we beat ourselves up for it. In order to feel progress, you literally have to realize and admit you’ve made progress. This is how it does not go to waste — by realizing it and not feeding yourself mean words when you don’t manage sometimes. That does not mean that it is okay to give yourself excuses all the time, it just means you’ve come along way, even if you don’t realize it. If you want to sustain that, watch how you handle your victories and downfalls. One can imagine how a little kindness and encouragement can change a stranger’s day, so why not do it to yourself too? You are also worthy of celebration.