Check Out This Trailer Featuring Cory Monteith’s Haunting Final Performance


For Glee fans and everyone who has been following Cory Monteith’s passing, the new trailer for McCanick may hit close to home. Co-starring David Morse, Ciaran Hinds and Tracie Thoms, Monteith plays a junkie and criminal who may be able to assist in a murder case. Like Mickey Rourke channeling his personal history for The Wrestler, the role plays close to the bone for Monteith, who was struggling to overcome years of substance abuse. He started using when he was 12, and you can see that pain in these clips of his harrowing performance. Some things you can act, but others a part of you.

It’s a glimpse into what could have been a promising independent career for the actor, and we’ll see Monteith in full when the film premieres at the Toronto Film Festival. Until then, you can see the trailer for McCanick below.


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