Chicago Introduces 9% Netflix Tax — Is Your Area Considering The Idea Too?


Starting September 1st, the city of Chicago expects all video streaming services to collect tax revenue for all streaming services. This includes Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and any other online “streaming” provider.

The city’s finance department ruled that a previously established city amusement tax can extend to digital media.

😒😒😒 Right?

Chicago isn’t the only area with this “great” idea, however. The state of Alabama is also exploring a new tax on “digital transactions”.

With hundreds of tweets about these new taxes already, people seem to be both unhappy and confused.

Oh, and you’ll definitely be the one paying the fee. Netflix has confirmed that they will pass the tax onto subscribers.

Taxing the closest thing I have to romantic love in my life? Just. Plain. Wrong.

h/t Chicago Tribune