Choose Life And Happiness Even When The World Makes You Think Otherwise


I remembered today about Jay Shetty’s video on living your life. That work is like a prison and we wear our suits like it’s our uniform. We struggle the weekdays to live for the weekends, what has happened to us? Don’t get me wrong, having a work is a blessing since one needs to earn to eat and pay bills.

We’re stuck in an endless cycle since that is what society expects of us. We study diligently in school and work tirelessly for a job that can replace us in an instant. We’re expected to start a family and live in a suburban home like the postcard pictures of the 50’s. Do we even choose that life consciously or others choose it for us?

I’ve worked in an office IT setting before and the grind was real. I only live for the weekends. Every Friday was a celebration for me where I get wasted or tipsy just to release the stress of the weekdays. It was a cycle of life for me until I’ve had enough of it. Ask yourself, is life really about living for the weekends or for the thirty days or less of vacation days per year? There are 365 days a year and for 200 days or more, you grind yourself every day?

Unfortunately, the majority of us live this way due to responsibilities for our families. We choose this life because it happened to us and we have to do it. Some of us can’t just wander off to chase our dreams. We’re trapped in this cycle unless we choose to break out of it and make our own paths. We need to find a balance between our passion projects and responsibilities.

You may one day be at a certain age and wondering if you did this or that. Would you want to live at the end of your life filled with regrets? It’s not an easy choice to make but we do have a life, and that life is only lived once. Give yourself a chance to do what you want and not regret it. This is our life and we write our own stories, travel on the paths that we make. No one can do this for us except ourselves. Choose your life, your happiness and only then that would be a life worth living amidst the daily grind of this world.