Choose The One Who Can Love You The Way You Need


Love is never fair.

You see how some people meet their soulmate the first time they fall in love. You witness the injustice of it when you made someone your entire world only to have them abandoned you. You understand how you can put your heart and soul into a relationship yet a happy ending is never a guarantee.

For the past few years, the road towards finding love has been a bumpy ride, full of obstacles at every turn, and it hasn’t been a smooth journey for you. You have tried your hardest in every relationship you were in yet it was all in vain. You have chased after every opportunity for love yet it was illusory and fleeing.

But that shouldn’t be the way.

Love is fragile enough as it is. Outside circumstances and external reasons will threaten to destroy it and sometimes, love may not be able to weather storms and survive it. Time and people also inevitably change leaving love vulnerable. That is why we must not take the matter of heart lightly. We must be sure if this is what we really want before we get together with someone. We must be certain of our feeling first before we start anything new with them.

The truth is that we always have a choice.

Stop thinking that you’re a powerless victim that allows things to happen to you. Stop thinking that your life is ruined because of someone who hurt you in the past. Stop thinking that you don’t deserve any happiness and this is the best that you can get.

Because it isn’t.

When the person you’re dating is not ready to be with you yet continue to string you along, you have the choice to end this ambiguous arrangement. You have the choice to walk away and find someone else who is ready to love you the way you need to. When the person you’re with is toxic and give you more tears than smiles, leave them. You have the right to happiness as anyone else. When you feel that something is wrong, listen to your instinct and pull yourself out of the situation. When you feel that life has treated you unfairly, tell yourself that you always have a choice to change your situation.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself that you keep having your heart broken. Stop thinking that you are unlucky in love. Stop accepting the hopeless situation you are in. Stop believing the same old stories you keep telling yourself.

You cannot control life random happening, the epic encounter you have, or who you meet, but you can control how you react to it. You can take the lessons of the past to transform your current present instead of repeating the same old mistakes you committed. You can create a life of positivity and confidence while taking small steps towards building a better tomorrow. You can rewrite your own story and make your own rules. You can be who you want to be without any ties to your past. You can find the love that will blow your mind in the most beautiful way possible.

You can do anything you want and more once you change your mindset and start making small changes. Because you know that this life you’re living right now is not where you want to be at yet. You know that you deserve so much better than this.

And it’s time to change your story.