Christians Can Believe In ‘Same Love,’ Too


You most likely have heard the names Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. You also probably heard of their song ‘Same Love.’ They even have a movement based on their single on USA Network. I am a fan of theirs, yet most people I know think I should hate the duo because of my religion — Catholicism.

Christians today have been stereotyped to such a strong degree that many loving, fair, and honest people are afraid to even address this issue. You see picketers at concerts, events, or even just on sidewalks. Admittedly, some of them make outrageous claims, and it’s understandable why some people might think these extremists speak for everyone. But they don’t. As Christians, we are called to love one another. I’m not saying we need to endorse everyone’s life style and choices, but at the very least, we should be kind and respectful. Like Macklemore said, “We are all from the same God.”

Our current Pope has been trying hard to abolish the dated, stuffy Catholic stereotype that has been thrown around; he’s even made the covers of Time and Rolling Stone among others. “Who am I to judge?” was something he said that I find great meaning in; we’re all human. We all make mistakes. How can we judge each other for everyone else’s shortcomings?

And I hate having to defend my religion, especially on Facebook when I see statuses that talk about Christians or Catholics hating gay people. Don’t those people realize that they are doing the exact same thing they accuse people of who bash gay people, in that they seem more intent on inflicting hurt and pain than discussing the actual issue at hand? The truth of the matter is that I am Catholic and have gay, bi-sexual, and transgender friends. Everyone should be picking their friends based on the respect and kindness they show others, and their heart — not their sexual orientation or religion.

I was actually hurt by the lyrics in ‘Same Love’ that read: “That holy water that you soak in has been poisoned”. The line made me feel like they just stereotyped my religion right back. Most Catholics aren’t bigots and most of us do love everyone.

I’m sorry some people are outrageous and hate others in the name of claiming to be a Christian; I’m sorry that society has convinced you that all Christians or Catholics hate anyone who is gay. We don’t. The truth is the real Christians do love everyone: gay, straight, bi, transgender, or anywhere in between. It’s time both extremes tone down the rhetoric, and show love and respect for each other. For everyone.

The message I get from ‘Same Love’ is in the end I’m going to love who I want to love. That is bravery at its finest. Can we all love each other and give each other the respect we each deserve?