Come Rest Your Bones With Me


You Are A Breath Of Fresh Air In A Suffocating Cell

You feel like the inhalation of fresh air after a state of seclusion; of suffocation.
When we touch, there is no illusion; we are meant to be.

To be,

In whatever way we wish,
To laugh and dream and kiss.
To be each other’s bliss.

To be.

By one another’s side,
To laugh and scream and cry,
Until we cease to be.

Come Rest Your Bones With Me

I wake up.
It is 3:00am.
I am surrounded by the darkness, by a shouting silence,
and the absence of your body resting its bones in my bed.

My body wishes to be beside your body.
My mind, your mind.
My heart, your heart.
(I miss you).

Refuse to confuse this longing with loneliness.
I chose you (and you, me)
And I will choose you again (and again, and again).