Conspiracy Theorists, Do You Need Any More Proof That Islamic Terrorism Is Real!?


I’m prone to listening to, reading about and watching the latest conspiracy theories, and I’m not one to immediately laugh them off. It’s quite plausible that strange stuff is happening behind the scenes and things might not always be what they seem.

What I am prone to do however, is take each of these theories with a pinch of salt. I don’t fully make up my mind without being sure, because that seems like the most sensible thing to do, even though I am not always the most sensible person.

There might be a New World Order trying to run the world. There might be all kinds of chemicals in our food that cause infertility, in order to decrease the amount of people that are born in to this world. There might be all kinds of different things going on. I don’t like when people just shrug these things off as conspiracy theories. Let’s face it, if there are conspiracies going on, then there is nothing that these evil elitists love more than the masses shrugging them off as conspiracy theories.

Despite being very open minded about various theories floating about, some of them, simply can’t be real, or if they are, the web is more tangled and intertwined than the Prison Break series.

To suggest that terrorism is just a government cover up does sound a little mad. This idea that there never were any terrorists and the mass hysteria is being guided by the hands of the rich elitists who have their fingers up Obama like an evil puppet master, IS insane. What I like to do with theories like this, is take them as truth, and then go from there.

For the purpose of the argument, let’s say that Islamic terrorism is a load of nonsense. It’s been manufactured by the New World Order and the fear that people have of it, is completely unnecessary. In order for this to be true, it would mean 9/11 was bogus, and some do believe that it was all the doing of the evil rich (probably white Jewish) men run who the world.

As well as the 9/11 attack, the 07/07 attacks and other bomb explosions that went off around Europe were all the NWO’s doing too. They had nothing to do with Islam and nothing to do with terrorism. The recent beheadings were also not real. But there were video’s of them, weren’t there? Well, either they used some amazing CGI in those clips, or they decided they had to sacrifice a couple of Americans and a Brit, to keep the world in their blissful ignorance, thinking, the terrorists are out there and are more dangerous than ever.

Some people are so in to the idea that Islamic terrorism is bogus, they think security checks at airports are only in place to harass decent citizens. People actually believe the people at the gate want to feel them up, particularly that fat sweaty man. They think they want to go through your bags, and touch their fudge filled underwear. They don’t! It’s a security precaution, to protect you! Sure, terrorism attacks are less likely to happen now, but every now and then, they do, so we must be prepared for them.

In case you had forgotten how dangerous Islamic extremists can be, hopefully these latest incidents will have reminded you just how real they are. No, you can’t go for a stroll in Syria or Iraq to take a few pictures and then return to the west claiming that these are not bad people. It’s highly likely that if you do decide to take a holiday trip to the Islamic state, you won’t be returning.

This idea that the government (or whoever runs it) masterminded the 9/11 plot and have since been responsible for other bombings, just to crank up the belief that Islamic terrorism is alive and well, so they can go and bomb the middle east and take some of their resources back while they’re at it, is ludicrous. It’s as ludicrous as suggesting that the young men who have gone over to the middle east from Britain weren’t real, they were just made up to give the government reasons to burst in to homes and take young Arabs to detention centres where they could torture them under the cover of the terrorism act.

I believe there may be some sick twisted things going on, but I also believe it’s possible for you to wind yourself too far in to this, that you get to the point of total paranoia.

Some of the things they tell us might not be true, but in my opinion, terrorism isn’t one of them.

featured image – Dan Iggers