Cool Facts About Me


I am the first-born of four total children, born October 19th 1988 at North York Hospital in Toronto, Canada.

When I was a kid a squirrel ate a Kit Kat bar that I left in our treehouse, and my dad filmed it.

I don’t like to eat square pizza. It is my personal belief that pizza should be circular, and then triangular, but never square.

I currently have subscriptions to The New Yorker, New York, The Atlantic, and Details.

I prefer Frank Hardy over Joe because I think blondes are more annoying, generally speaking.

I am a size 14 shoe, which makes buying shoes very obnoxious. I have a tendency to wear through the front of my right shoes specifically.

In fourth grade our teacher made us write out dictionary definitions every week, from bright orange dictionaries.

My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate-chip, or mint chocolate-chip, or really anything at all except for pralines and cream, which I think I would only eat if I were truly desperate.

Last summer I married my friend Sarah Jean Alexander, who is a writer.

Sometime around fifth grade, I decided to never wear white t-shirts again. I have more recently relaxed this policy.

The first website I ever built, a Pokemon fan site from 1999, is still online.

I have never broken a single bone in my body, but I have hit my head several times, resulting in stitches at least twice.

The first concert I ever went to was Michelle Branch. I have seen Michelle Branch perform 1 other time.

I have lived in five cities in my lifetime so far but I imagine that number will increase gradually.

I went through a period of intense loathing of peanut butter as a child.

I have over 40 remixes of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” in my iTunes library.

I have seasonal allergies.

I am six feet, two inches tall.

I am one hundred and ninety pounds, which is an increase of nine pounds since my last doctor appointment six months ago.

Once I cried on the A train because of a number of external stressors.

I have a previous house number tattooed on my lip.

I have a previous house tattooed on my arm.

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