Cops And Their Selfies: A Glorious Tumblr


There’s a new Tumblr out in the world, Cop Selfies, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: selfies of hot cops and uniformed officers just doing they thang in front of bathroom mirrors like all the rest of us civilians. I know everybody does the selfie thing, but for some reason cops are the last group of people I figured would go there. Are they even ALLOWED? Sometimes cops are just so scary and humorless, shooting people and handing out tickets all the time. Well now you can feast your eyes on Our Finest being silly and ridiculous like all the rest of us!

Oh, Um, Is Everything OK?

Is there something you want to tell us?

A Proud Cop Dad At Graduation

They have kids too, you see.

So Is This Guy A Cop Or An Underwear Model?

Because I would like to see him in them…

I Bet You’re Feeling Much Safer Now, Aren’t You?

I wonder who this picture is for…hmmmm.

This Cop Would Be Kind Of Hot Maybe If He Wasn’t Making That Face

Duck face? No wait — octopus face?

What Are You Trying To Tell Us?

I am really confused, Officer Davis.

Even Navy Officers Like Girl Scout Cookies!

You know Thin Mints are the bomb!!

Here’s A Cute Ginger Who Definitely Knows His Way Around An Instagram Filter

Yes but is it a Grindr pic?

No, HERE’S The Grindr Pic

Because there HAD to be one. Do you think he brings handcuffs to his hook ups?

Nothing Like A Before And After

Work Miss Honey.

I Don’t Even Know What Kind Of Weapon This Is, And I Am Scared

You don’t want to get on THIS guy’s bad side, I guess.

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