Could Crime Scene Pictures Answer Kurt Cobain Death Questions?


With the release of CIA files on the Kurt Cobain case, I was brought back to my own questioning and those of others on whether he took his own life or this may have been a murder.

Out of many of the famous deaths that have brought out the differing opinions of others and the famous term of conspiracy theories just because someone doesn’t agree with the investigation, Kurt Cobain’s death has been a number one cause of many of these claims. I’ve been an avid reader and researcher into the deaths of many young rock stars. To me, with past aspirations of becoming a forensic pathologist, it gives me an outlet to investigate and take part in an interest that has long been a favorite of mine. But though I never was one to question the Kurt Cobain case, you can’t help but question the young rock star’s death.

I’m not a fan of Nirvana. I wasn’t alive during their run or the death of the Godfather of Grunge. So my intention and opinion of his death had just been a suicide by an artist struggling with the mental hell of his own mind and the grueling life of a musician. It was a death you knew about and never questioned. And I didn’t. Not until I was brought into the world of the many questions surrounding his death and the odd circumstances behind it. But one video finally made me believe that the case of Kurt Cobain may not be as cut and dry as it was made out to be.

Trace Evidence Podcast has been a recent favorite of mine. The way he takes the time and analyzes every single aspect of the case is rather extraordinary. He still leaves room for your own opinion, but he gives you more than enough information to make you see the case in many different lights. It’s a fascinating channel and I highly recommend it to everyone, but it was his two videos about Kurt’s death that made me change my entire stance on the case of Kurt Cobain. I no longer see it as a simple suicide. There are too many questions that can’t be answered simply. And when answered, none of it makes any sense.

Part 1 & 2

That’s why the recent and vague documents that were released just brought me right back to the case. And still, there are more questions than answers. And you can see that others thought the same back in 1994.

My real question to pose to everyone is, would the extent of all the crime scene photos being released answer questions or raise more?

Crime scene photos are not for the faint of heart, but they do answer a lot of questions. I’m not saying that anyone would want to see the gruesome sight of someone blowing their head open with a shotgun, but the body isn’t just the only part of the scene that can be questioned. Every aspect around can.

On an episode of Forensic Files, season 7 episode 6, (I linked the episode for those who want to take a look, but warning, Forensic Files does show graphic crime scene photos) the death of a woman was in question when the scene appears to be a homicide, though her husband was adamant she took her life. The police just couldn’t see it. Why would someone shoot themselves in the stomach with a high-powered rifle and was it even possible? With the blood splatter pattern and an actual recreation of the scene, the husband had been right. The woman was capable of taking such a weird position and killing herself. It was a very odd case, but it showed just how vital every part of the scene is in uncovering just what happened in the death of an individual.

I am very aware that Courtney has requested that the photos never be shown. That was her husband and her right to do, but could she be putting herself in a position where people are in the right to question her responsibility in the death of her husband. I’m not saying that she should change her mind, but maybe it would help. With a lot of celebrity crime scene photos being open to the public, it is much easier to see and understand what happened. And with the thriving community of amateur crime solvers actually putting an end to questionable cases and solving them, I think that it would be a great decision to just release the photos. Instead of those very poignant photos we do have that show very specific parts chosen by those that were on the scene.

Will there ever be a possibility to close the debate of murder or suicide in the case of Kurt Cobain?