Create Your Dream Life With These 5 Simple Steps


Everyone deserves to live a life that makes them feel their best. I used to think that the people who truly got to live their dream life were the people who had the best genetics and who were born beautiful, people who had resources and were born into having all of their needs met, or people who had some given advantage that pushed them farther than the rest. It wasn’t until I started to actually do my own research about “how to live your best life” that I realized it had absolutely nothing to do with any of the things I once thought. It was much more simple, much more obtainable for any random human.

Here are the five simple steps that anyone can use to create their dream life.

1. Create Your Vision

In order to create a life that feels good, you have to picture it in your head. Do not spare any details. Think about it, see what it looks like, act as if it’s already happening and completely in the works. Thoughts really do become things. You have to get clear with yourself and the world when it comes to receiving what you want and need. Create your vision. Think about it in all of your spare time until it looks and feels exactly how you want it to.

2. Get Excited And Believe In Your Vision

Take the momentum you have for your best life and run with it. Any momentum that leads to your own evolution is something that can only be multiplied if it is celebrated. Believe in your vision. Think about possibility more than you think about failure. Express joy more than you express concern and doubt. Welcome your vision like you would welcome any beautiful addition to your world. Celebrate it.

3. Plan And Organize

Use organization and planning to benefit you. This is where your growth will transpire. This is where the big magic will be born. Set times, deadlines, goals, rest days, days for yourself, and make sure you are organizing a way to be balanced and successful so that you have the fuel to create big things for yourself. Routines can be your best friend if you practice them the right way. 

4. Believe That It Can And Will Actually Happen

It’s not a matter of “If it will happen,” it’s a matter of “This IS happening.” You have to speak change into the present moment when setting your intentions. It IS happening. Be cautious of your word choice—you are so much more powerful than you think.

5. Start Small With Your Goals And Start Saying Yes

Every opportunity leads to another opportunity. Say yes. Keep saying yes. Listen to your better judgement with proper boundaries, but do not be afraid to dive into new perspectives and new avenues you might not have thought of before. Starting with small goals is where you’ll continue to build your momentum. Good things take time and consistency. Build your way up at your own pace. Remember to trust your process.

Remember that YOU are capable of creating your life, to make it look like every single thing you crave it to, down to every little detail. Create your vision, celebrate and nurture your vision with fragile hands, organize your life in a way that allows your vision to come to fruition, believe that it is actually possible, and please start saying yes—even when you’re scared, even when you think it’s impossible, even when you don’t think you’re worthy of it.

You can live your best life, you just have to create it first.