Creativity Is The Source Of Sexiness


A few days ago I rolled through the architecture school on my campus because I got invited to watch the big end of the year student crit. Basically all the students showcased and defended their semester projects in front of the whole school. It was really fun to hear everyone talk about their projects, but once I got there I didn’t realize how much dude candy there would be. I don’t know if you know this or not, but young architects are HOT as SHIT!!! So if you are looking for a place to score some hot people, look no further than your local architecture schools. Find one. Take a day trip to one if you need to. It’ll be worth it — TRUST ME.

When I was in course work I avoided the library like the plague. I never did any school work there. It was always so freaking cold and depressing, a totally unsocial environment. But then the architecture and art history kids got a new building and a new library, so I would go over there to do my school stuff all the time. I would sit there for hours and hours, “reading” my books and looking up between paragraphs to cruise all the hot architecture dudes. Yes, there were that many! There is no better way to study.


Some professions have hotter people than others. I’d say the absolute hottest professions are basically everybody who works in design, firefighters/police people, construction workers, artists, architects, DJs or other musicians. If you play in a band you are already 10 times hotter to me than somebody who is, like, an accountant. Sorry not sorry! Once I saw a guy playing a piano and singing some dumb song, but he was going in on it and I managed to tune the singing out. I watched him play that keyboard and I watched the muscles in his neck contort as he worked to get the song out and I was SO attracted to him in that exact moment. He wasn’t even like amazingly attractive, but he was playing the piano and pouring his soul out into this song and I wanted him on that basis alone.

I think I’m just drawn to creative people who express themselves and who put things out into the world that don’t already exist. People say there’s nothing sexier than intelligence, and that’s true. But I take it a step further: there’s nothing sexier than a man who has ideas and who brings them out into the world.

Creativity is so sexy.

Is that why male architects are voted the sexiest people? Is it because they understand style and image, that they know they are selling a brand and that they are their brand kind of?

Every dude I have ever interacted with from the architecture school on my campus was a hot piece with amazing style, almost like having awesome style and being totally cool were the prereqs for getting in, much more important than “grades.” T and his cool, effortless style. D — this Mexican guy who had this fantastic rock and roll punk style and came to class on a MOTORCYCLE and always set the helmet on his desk (omg!). And then there was that one super hot hipster guy with the scruffy face yet strong cheek bones, cool clothes and messy hair who I always saw and was totally #obsessed with.

Being sexy isn’t about having a strong look, great clothes or being the perfect size. It’s about having something to say, visually. Maybe that’s what hot architects understand. They know that sexiness is about owning yourself and showing an unshakable confidence and sense of creativity.

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