Creepy Clown Terrorizing A Small Town Will Make You Never Sleep Again


Are you, like all sane human beings, afraid of clowns? Then you should never go to Northampton, England, where local residents are living out the plot of a Stephen King novel. Nestled around 60 miles outside of London, the small British town of 215,000 has experienced ubiquitous complaints of a wandering clown scaring local residents. Dressed in a red wig and white face makeup, he resembles Pennywise, the clown from King’s It and has been seen skulking about and jumping out at townspeople.

The man was first spotted on Friday the 13th as residents began tweeting sightings of the clown around town, seen holding balloons and a teddy bear. According to one woman, the clown came up to her door and “offered to paint her window sills.” The Northampton Post remarked, ““He doesn’t juggle. He doesn’t twist balloons into animal shapes. He just stares.” The clown was so terrifying, with some townsfolk reporting they were unable to sleep, that police issued a warning about the unidentified man to keep villagers off the streets.

While police investigate the case, Northampton locals have taken the matter into their own hands — with vigilantes getting involved to stop the clown. A man dressed in all purple has dubbed himself The Clown Catcher, currently on the hunt to apprehend the man. Many have tweeted their disbelief that this is happening in their town, while others stay inside and wait to see what happens.

The clown is expected to be out again tonight during the twilight hours, wandering the Northampton streets. Good luck getting to sleep, everyone.