Curiosity Is What Keeps Your Story Moving


Have you ever noticed how some of the greatest moments in our lives began with the phrase, “I wonder…”?

Like, “I wonder where that is?” turns into “I wonder if I could get there?” until eventually the desire to make it happen becomes so intense, you have to make it a reality.

New discoveries and changes in our path are what we all yearn for, and yet so many of us get stuck along the way. I don’t think there’s one person out there who hasn’t felt emotionally stifled by their journey at some point. Life isn’t always easy, but that’s because finding the road ahead requires following what drives you. It sounds too simple to be true, but if you know what you want, you’ll know where you’re going.

Maybe the journey won’t always turn into a perfect fairytale or an epic adventure, but that’s okay. Most of us don’t expect our stories to be a reenactment of The Notebook or Lord of the Rings, and while you’re searching for an answer, it shouldn’t matter where you are. Not every part of your life is going to be amazing, and you should be prepared for that. Those are the moments you take five to take it all in. It’s a time for recollection, to admire where you’ve been and what you’ve seen, and then gather up everything you have experienced to help navigate the next part of your voyage.

Remember, every story has a beginning, middle and end, and liberation always begins with appreciation. You’ve got to realize what makes you tick and refine your identity before you can expect something great to come of your efforts. That’s a structure we all must understand.

So listen to that voice inside, continue to learn about what you love, and keep on living life to the fullest. Remaining curious is what will keep your story moving, and new chapters can only be found when you turn the page.

So keep going and keep growing, and you never know — one day, you might just find that happy ending after all.