Cut The Assholes Out Of Your World


Cut out the people who claim they care about you and then turn around and treat you like shit. The people who use I love you as an excuse for losing their temper. The people who expect you to give them one more chance every other day because they keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Cut out the people who clearly only care about themselves. The people who will only remember your existence when it is convenient for them. The people who will cancel plans with you at the last second when a better offer comes along. The people who will throw you under the bus to save themselves.

Cut out the people who are comfortable lying straight to your face. The people who will say exactly what they think you want to hear instead of being honest and upfront with you. The people who will leave certain details out of their stories to avoid arguments. The people who will pick and choose which facts to tell you to make themselves look better.

Cut out the people who cannot handle being treated the way they treat others on a daily basis. The people who ignore you for days at a time and then throw a fit when you take longer than ten minutes to answer their texts. The people who make mean jokes about you and then act like you are a complete bitch when you say something back to them. The people who disappoint you every single day but expect you to follow through on all your promises.

Cut out the people who are living in a fantasy world where they are perfect and the rest of the universe is flawed. The people who like to play the victim and act like the world is against them even though they bring all of the hatred they receive onto themselves. The people who are incapable of apologizing without throwing an excuse into the mix about how it really wasn’t their fault because they cannot deal with the possibility that they are only human.

Cut out the people who make you feel like you are slowly going insane. The people who will change their stories every time they are told. The people who will claim you misheard them or that they were only joking. The people who turn every situation around to make you look like the bad guy when you haven’t done a single thing wrong.

Cut out the people who do not seem the least bit guilty when they hurt you. The people who accuse you of overreacting whenever you get upset with them. The people who never want to hear how you are feeling. The people who walk out of the room when you are crying because they could not care less. The people who do not bother apologizing to you unless you threaten to leave.

Cut out the people who make your world more stressful than it needs to be, because you do not have time for their toxicity.