Cuter Things To Do This Christmas Than Kiss Beneath The Mistletoe


This Christmas, drive around town to look at lights with the love of your life. Blast holiday music and sing along to duets as you admire the different decorations dangling from porches and balanced on rooftops. Point out which designs you like and plan out how you are going to decorate your future home. Get excited about all of the holidays you are going to spend together in the future, stringing lights on ladders and blowing up inflatables on the front lawn.

This Christmas, bake cookies together. Browse through shops to find the perfect sprinkles and the cutest cookie cutters for your creations. Flick flour at each other like the couples in romantic comedies. Lick icing off their fingers. Hug each other from behind. When it’s time to place the dough in the oven, spend ten minutes snuggling on the couch and swapping kisses until it’s time to decorate.

This Christmas, spend some time in the snow — aside from shoveling it and wiping off your windshield. Put on your warmest coat and give yourselves permission to act like little kids again. Go sledding. Toss snowballs at each other. Build a snow-family. When the cold becomes too much to bear, warm each other up in the bedroom. Let your body heat help you feel better again.

This Christmas, take each other window shopping. Try on ugly sweaters. Grab a holiday-themed drink from Starbucks. Take a few seconds to watch children crawl onto Santa’s lap. If you have any spending money, buy presents for your pet, for your parents, for your closest friends. Figure out what to buy them together, as a team effort. Make the stress of the holidays easier on yourselves by working as one.

This Christmas, decorate one of your places together. String popcorn to hang across the tree. Cut out paper snowflakes to tape onto the windows. Hang ornaments with your names on them. Tie stockings to the mantle place. Make sure your home stays festive for the holidays.

This Christmas, set aside time to watch holiday movies. Brew some hot cocoa, find your warmest blanket, and watch television in bed. Make sure to ask your person which movies make them think of home, which ones were part of their holiday traditions growing up, so you can experience them together. And then watch newer movies neither of you have seen before. Create new traditions for only the two of you — even if they involve making fun of how corny the characters are.

This Christmas, spend time with family. Have dinner together. Pour some eggnog. Share stories from past holidays and make sure your person learns any inside jokes. Make sure your person is included in all of the family photographs. Make sure your person feels like a part of the family too.

This Christmas, do not get so distracted by everything you have to get done by the twenty-fifth that you forget to spend quality time together. Make sure you have some fun. Make sure you do more than share a kiss beneath the mistletoe.