Da Man Wit’ Da Money: 77 Hip-Hop Lyrics About Donald Trump



Used to want dough like Jay-Z but now I’m thinking Donald Trump
Bob Johnson, Warren Buffett, fuck it, ain’t that tough
—T.I., “I Need Dollas”


Donald Trump
I made Forbes’ list this month!
—Gucci Mane & Young Thug, “Donald Trump”


Now I’m knocking like Jehovah; let me in now, let me in now
Bill Gates, Donald Trump, let me in now
—Nelly, “Country Grammar”


I’m so appalled Spalding ball,
Baldin’ Donald Trump, takin’ dollars from y’all
—Kanye West, “So Appalled”


So come on gettin’ lovely I’m gettin’ into the money
The Donald Trump money
—Ja-Bar, “Daze”


I buy cars wit straight cash, have meetings with Donald Trump
Y’all meet wit Honda, no payments for 12 months
—Ludacris, “Hip Hop Quotables”


Going Donald Trump numbers on the corner
I made a million on that corner
—Meek Mill, “Off the Corner”


I’m ‘bout to do a song with Bono
Pockets Trump like I just struck the lottery, lotto
—Gangrene featuring Action Bronson, “Driving Gloves”


Yo Ice, I did a concert in the White House
And after that me and Donald Trump hung out
—Ice-T, “My Word Is Bond”


I gotta say what’s up to Digital Underground and Humpty Hump
Cause he makin’ more than Donald Trump
—Ice Cube, “I Gotta Say What Up!!!”


Can I live? I bring yo’ ass over the hump
We tryna get money so we can be livin’ like Trump
—Cypress Hill, “Can I Live”


We can talk Trump talk, real estate, stocks, and bonds
Or gangsta shit, my Rugers and Glocks in palm
—50 Cent, “50/Banks”


Trump change? (Chump change)
Nah TRUMP change patnah not chump change
—E-40, “Trump Change”


The ‘S’ in skypage really stands for sex
Beeper’s goin off like Don Trump gets checks
—A Tribe Called Quest, “Skypager”


Suck a dick and lick an ass just to get a pump
Fuck Black Caesar niggaz, call me Black Trump
—Underground Kingz, “Pocket Full of Stones”


I’m back with the funk, chump
You want funk, how many lumps?
I got spunk
I’m well-known like Donald Trump
—Redman, “Da Funk”


Warning you chump, brain is out for lunch
Given the power punch, soon to be paid like Donald Trump
—Ol’ Dirty Bastard, “Protect Ya Neck II the Zoo”


He got jealous tried to jump I hit him with the pump
Put more cash in my pockets than Donald Trump
—Master P, “211”


Got a business mind so if I lose the funk
I’ll still be in the house gettin’ paid like Trump
—Kid Rock, “Paid”


Poisonous sting which thumps up and act chumps
Raise a heavy generator
But yo, guess who’s the black Trump?
—Raekwon, “Incarcerated Scarfaces”



You can boom shalock and jump to the sounds I pump
But I ain’t quitting till I’m shitting on Donald Trump
—House Of Pain, “Heart Full of Sorrow”


New Trump, brand new funk
Keep the pocket full of California skunk
—Rappin’ 4-Tay, “New Trump”


Serena Williams, downtown vacant and Trump
Who wanna bang her rump, chump, yes I bring the pump
—The Diplomats, “Purple Haze”


Now I ain’t talkin bout no bullshit ass flippin z’s
I’m talkin Trump type access, they comin off a gang of keys
—Coolio, “Nature of the Business”


So all I’d wanna got the room stumped
I’m smokin, make dough like Trump
—Westside Connection, “Cross ‘Em Out and Put a K”


In hot pursuit of Donald Trump rap loot
Produce what you feel with Navy Seal mic troops
—Pete Rock, “Tru Master”


I’m just tryin’ to get rich like Trump
The home run king is now in a slump, pass me a hunk
—Ice Cube, “3 Strikes You In”


The new Don Trump is Bill Gates
Not because his occupation, it’s ’cause we respect his cake
—Nas, “New World”


I’m the young Donald Trump, is y’all hearing me?
Girls on the side line, yeah they cheerin’ me
—Busta Rhymes featuring Nick Cannon, “Shorty (Put it on the Floor)”


Niggas always expect to see us two together, stable
The best couple they seen since Trump and Marla Maple
—Nas, “Money is My Bitch”


Doin’ it like Donald Trump
I’m sendin’ this one to the women with body
And all my hustlas with the grill front
—Chingy, “Fall’n”


Teddy Riley, Michael Tyler, big Trump thang
Million dollars, sunny holler big bucks man
—Blackstreet featuring Mystikal, “Wizzy Wow”


Now they call me Snoopy Trump
I keep my heater close, cause I love to bust
—Notorious B.I.G. featuring Snoop Dogg, “Living the Life”


Throw my weight like Sherman Klump
I gotta hold up my estate like Donald Trump
—Lil Wayne, “Get Down”


I’m Donald Trump in a white tee and white ones
The conversation is money nigga, you want some?
—Young Jeezy, “Thug Motivation 101”


Bill Gates, Donald Trump, them a require you
In a the Pentium five them wan’ wire you
—Sean Paul, “Ever Blazin”


I’m Donald Trump, with raccoon hairdos
I’m Lil Kim, so plastic, now it only really scares dudes
—The High & Mighty, “Dumb”


Time to flip the work make the block bump
Boys from the hood call me black Donald Trump
—Yung Joc, “It’s Going Down”


I spend absurd money, private bird money
That Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Bloomberg money
—Diddy featuring Jack Knight, “We Gon’ Make It”


Resurrection of the real, time to get richer than Trump
—Rick Ross, “Pirates”


I’m lyin’ to Christ, put your fuckin’ spine in a vice
I’m like Trump in the Apprentice, only fire at night
—Jedi Mind Tricks, “Heavy Metal Kings”


You fired mothafucka Donald Trump nigga
I’m killing these niggas can’t fuck nigga
—Lil Wayne featuring Kanye West, “Flashing Lights Remix”


Breathing off a Trump budget
Fresh outa Bloomie’s with the Louie luggage
—AZ, “Format”


Give me fame and fortune, me and Trump on golf courses
With that being said, give me Tiger’s sports endorsements
—Kendrick Lamar, “Is It Love”


And I’m gonna chopped this whole ki into a lotta lumps
Next time you see me I’ll have money like Donald Trump
—Juvenile featuring Lil Wayne, “What’s Up Wit Dat”


Homies on the block can say whatever they want
I don’t wanna be a dealer, I wanna be a Trump
—Kendrick Lamar, “Determined”


The Apprentice but not Trump
I’m the nigga with Glocks and pumps
—Nas, “The N”


1st of the month, Trump to the buyers
Red toupée on the coupe you’ve been fired
—Kanye West featuring Push T, “Good Music BET Cypher”


Get money like Donald Trump
Double barrel on that pump
—Lil Wayne, “Racks on Racks”


Money buy the DIGITS
I got Donald Trump callin’ me a money wizard
—D/R Period, “Money”


Richest nigga in my hood: call me Donald Trump
The type that count my money while I smoke a blunt
—Young Jeezy, “Trump”


Take over the world when I’m on my Donald Trump shit
Look at all this money, ain’t that some shit?
—Mac Miller, “Donald Trump”


I’m tryna stuff em until I can’t fit no more
I’m talking Donald Trump level
I’m trying to get these dreams off the ground
All aboard for the shuttle
—Big Sean featuring Pharrell, “Get It”


Got enough, got enough
Tryna’ get it, til I’m on my
Donald Trump, Donald Trump
—Raz Fresco, “Donald Trump”


And we don’t stop my nigga
I’m like Donald Trump nigga
—Meek Mill featuring Master P, “I Miss That”


I started out broke, got rich, lost paper then made it back
Like Trump being up down up, play with cash
—Nas, “Loco-Motive”


I’m a good-looking rapper, I ain’t tryna stunt
I’m a fire my blunt like Donald Trump
—T.I. featuring Lil Wayne, “Ball”


Hustle a castle, Donald trump 6 mil
I got a 6th sense so know how 6 feel
—Lil Kim featuring Tiffany Foxx, “Jay-Z”


Walk up on you whiskey maskin’ punk
And fire them shots just like I’m Donald Trump
—Juicy J, “Shootin’”


Plottin’ on Donald Trump
I was 15 years old when I shot that chopper
—Young Thug, “Loaded”


You can hate, don’t frown, my nigga
With Donald Trump in the trunk, my nigga
—Lil Durk featuring French Montana, “Dis Ain’t What You Want (Remix)”


And Donald Trump, and Carlos Slim
And call Obama, Oprah Winfrey then
—Shaquille O’Neal featuring ShaqIsDope, “Karate Chop”


Hugo Boss, I just Donald Trump you
Michael Kors sweater with cocaine on the garment
Woke up in mansion but I grew up in apartment
—Gucci Mane, “Straight Drop”


Trump Towers with Donald (Donald)
I can’t drive a Honda (uh uh)
Now I got options, you can hate me if you wanna
—RiFF RAFF, “Maybe You Love Me”


No Donald Trump, Bill Gates or Bruce Wayne
The only thing I had to my name was a few dreams
—Omen, “Zion”


You makin’ models bring ya ice and Guinness
And workin’ pussy that’s my type of fitness
I’m countin’ money like I’m Donald Trump
—Tory Lanez, “Priceless”


Wit a pocket full of lint and a Big Meech letter
And I’m fuck wat Donald Trump talk bout I like change when I met Rosetta
—Young Buck, “LOCO”


I’m fucked worse than Donald Trump
On Lexapro in Mexico across from a Texaco in McDonald’s drunk
—Eminem, “Sway in the Morning Freestyle”


Yeah thumbs up
I’ve seen more holes than a golf course on Donald Trump’s course
— Young Thug (feat. Birdman), “Constantly Hating”


Too much spinach to eat for niggas beefin’,
So I’m out here trick or treatin’, can my niggas comprehend
Bill Gates, Donald Trump, motherfucker let me in.
—J. Cole, “Song for the Ville”


Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman/
Now accept these words as they came from Eminem
—Rick Ross, “Crocodile Python”


Ah, my name is Jibbs but they call me mighty Trump
The kid down a house with an outerspace flow
Stay waved up, poking madden with a flow
Jag chillin in the back with girls holla at a chump
—Jibbs, “I’m A Rhino”


Ice Cube says you’re making more than Donald Trump
So yo, go on and get your nose fixed, Hump
—Digital Underground, “No Nose Jobs”


Cause ya boy’s in a slump
I took her out of the jets
The top floor of the Trump
Had to hustle hard
—Fat Joe, “Put Ya In Da Game”


I’m on ridin’ wit my 12-gauge pump
Been a boss from the jump, go getta like Trump
—Lil’ Keke, “Boss”


Of a sawed off shotgun, hand on the pump
Musty dead bodies and a catty bump, Trump
—Spice-1, “Mo’ Mail”


Up like Donald Trump, chain swings like nunchucks
She gon’ chew you up, twerk like she from Russia
—Rae Sremmurd, “Up Like Trump”