Dancing In The Dark


Opposition is remarkable. The beauty of what is and what isn’t should never be ignored. There are those who love science, (Bill Nye is indeed very sexy) but there comes a point when our eyeballs are so far stuck in the microscope eyepiece, that we are unable to see a bigger picture: Accepting that the “What is and What isn’t”- the “Hot and the Colds” – the “Seen and the Unseen” are not oppositions per-say, but they belong together, and one would be nothing without the other. Unfortunately, some people only see what does exist, and reject any form of faith in the unknown.

Consider when you look at the stars (Ok, so I’ve gone lofty pretty early here, but stick this one out). You are looking at millions of stars that actually don’t exist. The majority of them are dead. Their light is still shining because Earth is so many light years away-like further than the next season of Arrested Development, we’re talking AGES here people. But, is that not amazing? Our own human perception allows us to see something that is there, and not there, at the same time.

Consider when you are in the movie theatre freezing your ass off (for real, why can’t they ever have comfortable temperatures, Cinemark needs to get it together). In actuality, your body is steaming at 98 degrees. But how can you be cold and hot at the same time? Ok Ok, I know, ya’ll are saying ‘its easily explained by science- corned down to metabolic and hyperthyroid issues, which cause changes on a molecular level, transmitting cold or hot to our receptive parts of the body.’ BUT! I say, we are walking, talking, breathing conundrums, even with something so basic as temperature, we are living contradictions.

Consider a Starburst. Solid yet juicy. Alright I will cease the considerations. But I think there is something very tangibly marvelous about feeling one way, but being another. About seeing something one way, but in actuality its something completely different. Science, you alluring, wise, siren- you almost had me fooled. I nearly forgot you can only prove what we can see- what we can touch.

Those who don’t believe there is a higher being, a creator of sorts, the man in the sky who holds the puppet strings, do so because science is their religion. It is easy for them because this particular doctrine doesn’t require faith. And I do see, how attractive that lifestyle may be-to want to live your life without any real consequences. But in actuality, it is so, so sad. What a bleak existence it is to know you were conceived for no reason. You breathe 20 times a minute, you eat three times a day, you work at a remedial job, you love your kids, you always wave to your neighbors, and you’re a faithful spouse. For what? Are you really going to abide by all the moral codes, and work your bones dry for the sake of just being another countless organism on this planet? Why not just honey badger this whole thing and call it a day? Why give a shit?

Because you know, deep down, there’s a man-or a woman- or some kind of sea nymph holding a pitch fork looking down on you. Your science hasn’t identified it yet, but you are already aware of your current state of insignificance. Such a contradiction to know that a man of reason, of brute rationality, is so petty in the human world, but continues to strive to be a momentous being. You pray to science that it finds significance of where mankind came from, and what he will turn out to be, but all science keeps telling you is how trivial the human body actually is- that your frivolous being will just disappear as quickly as it came to be. And that is not enough for you, because it is embedded in you, to know you are more valuable to someone, somewhere, than just a cluster of cells. You strive to see more than what your own eyes will let you, you want to be what you are not.

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