Dare To Be Extraordinary


Why do you settle for the ordinary? From your first breath, there was nothing ordinary about you. You feel this in your heart but don’t understand this truth. You emerge from divinity, and even your breath is sacred. Because of this, be mindful of your breaths, be mindful of where you place your energy and your focus. Each one of us emerges from a universal place of love, and in your heart, this knowledge is firmly planted. Quite simply, the love which binds you is primordial, and it is beyond time itself. It is a love which is perfect and knows no flaws and no bounds. And so it goes that since birth, you have known your life is and always will be an extraordinary adventure.

Despite being in this world, you are not truly of it, but you have let its many trials and antics cause you to lose faith in the power of your own destiny and your own will. Maya, dunya—this illusion goes by many names, but the meaning is all the same and will fool us all. It can even fool us into fooling ourselves of who we are and what we are capable of.

Many people speak of courage and what it means. You know that your journey to this place and this time was an accomplishment of tremendous courage and an act of love—a lot of us love being alive! Meek and humbled, tried and tired, your heart still beats strong and you yearn for things greater than you’ve ever known, and rightfully so. Because you are greater than you could ever know and you crave extraordinary things, which is why I ask the question—why do you settle for the ordinary?

You crave an extraordinary life, because life is precious and living should not be wasted! You crave extraordinary jobs and careers, because you want to live a life of meaning and purpose! Your heart and soul crave an extraordinary love, because you are capable of giving AND receiving great love, big love, and a grand love that will make your soul sing—divine love! Deep inside, all of these many things swirling, you know that somewhere, somehow, you came here to be great and marvelous—and you are not alone, and you can’t lose that hope.

You sometimes may wonder why you feel that the life you long to live has evaded you and why you feel that all hope is lost. ‘It’ has not evaded you and ‘it’ is not lost, but you feel this way because ‘it’ is you—you continue to evade your own destiny and your own greatness, and you are still finding the self that you have lost in this labyrinth of confusions.

Life’s rejections, pitfalls, and dismissals are not because you are unworthy—many of us have become followers of this great falsehood. We bow to this idol with each doubt and negative thought. Sometimes, these denials are simply because you were on the verge of accepting some ordinary thing that would soon become a curse to your very soul. You can’t live on illusions. But oftentimes, we would rather accept these false things, false hopes, and false dreams, because we think they will feed the hunger and satisfy the thirst deep within us all. But no, the hunger would not find rest, and you would still crave something greater, because something greater is in you. So with each rejection, maybe it has been better for you to go out, searching and foraging into the unknown, your belly hungry and mouth empty, than to bring something into your life that would rob you of your destiny.

No more ordinary lives and ordinary living. Stop falling for ordinary love and following ordinary paths and dreams. Live an extraordinary life, a divine existence that’s worth living twice. Why do you settle for the ordinary? Because from day one, there has never been anything ordinary about you. Reclaim yourself.