Darling, Dust Yourself Off And Remember Who You Are


Darling, what happened? What happened to your once-blossoming spirit and reckless energy for life? What happened to that wide-eyed dreamer and her endless optimism? What happened to her? Why is she absent and who is this lost soul in front of me? What is this hollow gaze that stares back at me where there was once bright brown eyes? What happened to her that caused such a demise?

Darling, it’s okay. I know it’s hard to find your voice when it feels like you’ve been robbed of it. I know that feeling where your lungs seem deprived of air. I know the desperation that takes over your body as you search for oxygen, as you search for a single entity that will keep you alive. I know the hopelessness that settles in when you realize there is no more air and no lifeline.

Darling, you are safe here. Whenever you are ready, you can tell me. And if you aren’t, that’s okay too. I can read the hurt written all over you. I don’t need the exact details to know the severity. The aftermath is present considering your defeated physical state.

Darling, here’s a tidbit of truth you may want to consider. Don’t dwell on the undeserving and the hurtful. No, let those bastards burn in hell, and if hell doesn’t exist, let’s create it. Light the match that ensures their death, and if you are unable to, I volunteer as tribute. For a moment, why don’t you redirect your hollow gaze in that direction and watch as I take the perpetrators of your pain and burn them alive with a single match? Watch as the flames circle them, watch your past engulf into irrelevance.

Darling, it’s time. Take my hand and get up from the ground. Arise from that self-defeated state. Wipe away any lingering tears and inject some confidence into that gaze. Pull your hair back behind your ears. Straighten your posture. Pull your shoulders back and keep your feet pressed firmly on the ground. Put your earrings on and remember who you are. Remember that you are a resilient force to be reckoned with. Remember that you are a beautiful soul with unlimited potential. Darling, look in the mirror and note that the glistening gold of those hoops dangling from your ears aren’t the only things that shine. Darling, look yourself in the eyes and remind yourself that you and your vitality are indeed alive.