Darling, I Don’t Want To Be Your World


I don’t want to be your world. I want to be a big part of it.

I don’t want to stay with the same person forever. I want you to go through phases, changes, and growth with me by your side.

I don’t want to be your life. I want to live my life with you.

I don’t want to take from you. I want to add to you.

I don’t want it to always be us. I want it to be you and me together.

I don’t want to be your only goal. I want us both to have our own goals that coincide.

I don’t want to dull your light. I want to encourage you to shine brighter.

I don’t want you to spend every single night next to me on the couch. I want to hear all about your adventures when you come home.

I don’t want you to let go of your friends. I want to combine your friends with mine.

I don’t want the password to your phone. I want to trust you enough that I don’t need to look.

I don’t want to win our fights. I want us to agree on a solution.

I don’t want you to change who you are for me. I want to learn to love and deal with your imperfections.

I don’t want you to sacrifice. I want you to willingly give.

I don’t want to control you. I want to factor into your decisions.

I don’t want to change you. I want to motivate you to be the best possible version of yourself.

I don’t want the boring monotony of this modern-day monogamy. I want the adventure of discovering each beautiful version of you.

Darling, I don’t want to be your world. I want to share this big world with you.