Darling, I Promise One Day It Will All Make Sense


Darling, I promise one day it will all make sense — your head will still be in the clouds, but your heart will be soaring even higher than that! Think of all of those dreams that once lived in your mind—you had the confidence to set them free and now they are in the world to stay. When you believe in yourself, every wonder in the world can be created. You don’t have to wait around for validation from anyone but yourself.

You will meet every single version of yourself, but promise you won’t forget about the ones that brought you right here to this very spot. I wonder how many versions you have been through but hadn’t noticed — you didn’t even get to say goodbye! But send your love to each and every one of them, because they guided you to this very moment. Right now.

And no matter how many times you try to convince yourself that you aren’t evolving, remember who you once were and who you are right now at this very moment. The world is still spinning on its axis whether you’re stuck in your mind or roaming the Parisian streets. We are all happening. Moments keep coming. Don’t hide behind the concept of ‘one day’, when you can make today day one.

How can it not make sense when there are dream-like states everywhere? Wallflowers growing in the cracks of the pavement and the wind creating the most delicate symphonies on the dreariest of days. We can hear the silence of the stars seeping through our windows, and oh darling, we are capable of falling in love with all that is around us. What a dream we are living, and oh how it all fits into place so seamlessly.

Wholeheartedly, I promise that there is nothing that a star-filled sky, a conversation under the moonlight, and a tangerine sunset cannot fix. We are a part of the painting, and the finishing touches are still being made.