Darling, Never Take Those First Moments For Granted


Right before the first time you kiss someone, the anticipation leading up to it can make your heart explode. It’s the moment of wondering if it’s going to be the way you pictured. It’s the lips you’ve been thinking about since the second you’ve seen them. You can feel it coming, the slow lean in. You feel them getting closer and closer until it’s lips on lips. You feel the fireworks in the pit of your stomach ignite.

You’re not sure when the wanting happened. The wanting that was so deep and so real that all you crave is them. You want to feel their hands running up and down your spine. You want their mouth on your skin. You don’t think you’re ever going to get enough of seeing them naked. You can’t even concentrate on what’s going on in your universe. All you want is them. All you want is them in your bed or on your couch or in the backseat of your car.

Patience. Patience has never been easy when it comes to attraction. When you want something so bad, waiting for it feels almost painful. It’s the slow torture of suffering of just wanting their hands on you. You don’t want to dance around it anymore because every thought, every feeling comes back to what it would be like to just be with them.

When it’s finally just the two of you, you’re going to do everything little thing that will make them go crazy. You want to hold them close and never let go because it’s all about that moment. You and them. Nothing else matters. Nothing about your past. Nothing about your future. When you’re wrapped up in each other everything in the world aligns and it feels right. It feels so damn right that it makes you realize that this is all you want to be doing for days.

You consider calling in sick. You consider calling your friends and cancelling all of your plans. You just want to have hours and hours with this person that makes you feel your best in your most vulnerable and rawest form. Their body is burning you and turning you inside. Nothing else has felt this good.

Their body is magnetic. Your hands, body and mouth are constantly connected to each other and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever imagined. You learned it’s polite to keep your hands to yourself but there is no way you’re going to follow etiquette rules now. The chills keep shooting down the back of your neck. As soon as you got a taste of them, it’s a hunger you never knew existed and it’s something you need to feed constantly.

It’s the anticipation, from the very first kiss to the very first orgasm, that will make you realize what you’ve been missing. There were people before but nothing like this. Nothing that sets your soul on fire in a way this bad.

That patience that you had in the beginning doesn’t exist anymore. So while you remember how incredibly painful those long, almost drought like feelings were, remember that it was worth it for these moments. The moments when you get to be completely entangled in each other are worth it.

You still get the moments of anticipation every time. So feed the animal inside of you and let yourself get lost even if it is just for a moment.