Darling, You Are Amazing On Your Own


Darling, don’t waver from your dreams
Your dreams shouldn’t be dependent on a person
Dear, just follow those dreams
You don’t need validation from someone

Darling, you are amazing on your own
Your value does not come from someone else
Dear, take pride as you walk alone
Your strength and beauty will be enough

Darling, don’t rush things
You will find the right one
Dear, don’t give up on love and its meaning
You’ll meet the person you’ve been praying for

Darling, it’ll make sense one day
Someone will make you see why
Dear, you’ll find love and it’ll stay
Someone that’ll give sense in this nonsensical world

So darling, hold on and be patient
Don’t throw away the sun for a gray cloud
My dear, be strong and independent
Only you and God can fix what was broken.