Date A Girl Who Drinks Beer


She doesn’t drink to get drunk and call up her exes. She drinks for the taste. She may not be much into shopping. But she’s got style. She could wear a Uni t shirt and boots and not care. She will share your obsession with wheels and speeds. Not just so that you like her, but because she’d rather make an entry on a Harley and leather jackets instead of using a mediocre car. She may or may not play video games. But she sure will enjoy imagining virtual murders. Her fascination for guns is just as sexy and badass as of a GI Jane. She knows how to make a move. And won’t wait for you to make the first. She’d be a shark during the night much better than she is in the day. She won’t just expect you to pay. She’ll always split the bill.

Date a girl who drinks beer. Not just for the above reasons. Date a girl who drinks beer because she is assertive enough to not follow stereotypes. She won’t spend all that cash on clothes. She’ll buy a bar maybe. She’ll race you and win on the roads and defeat you in gaming. She won’t let you hurt her. She’ll always put up a good fight. She won’t expect you to fight for her. She’ll be on the warfront next to you. She won’t expect surprises and won’t accept teddy bears as a gift. She’d be just fine eating street vada pav with cutting chai on a date as it would be in a sea facing 5 star restaurant. She won’t make you watch chick flicks, it’ll always be the action movies. She doesn’t accept the superficialities of life. Cause she understands there is meaning in all and silently smirks at how the world is so petty.

Date this girl because she’s no ordinary girl. She will travel with you and not bother about the dirty toilets and unshampooed hair. She will sleep with you and not expect you to cuddle. She will give you just enough space to live your life the way you want.

She doesn’t see the logic in god or nail paints. She believes in independence and she’ll make you want to settle with her. But that’s the problem. This girl won’t settle. She is the kind of bird who would want to keep migrating. She is the kind of ship that would want to sail without an anchor. This girl and her unconventional personalities will keep going through phases. And the only thing that won’t change is her love for the beer.

Date a girl who drinks beer.

But do not, do not fall in love with her.