Date A Girl Who Likes Change


Date a girl who likes change. Yes, it may be scary, if at all very risky already, but at least once in your life, you’ve got to date a girl that likes change.

Date a girl with no 9-5 lifestyle, trust me: she’s worth it. Without a routine, or a rehearsed day, you’ll never know what you could get. She may want red hair today, blonde the next week, but she’ll never be able to go a day without wanting to try something new with herself.

Date a girl who knows the difference a simple alteration could give off. Date a girl who sees how much something could change by just a simple letter. Or a simple change in color.

Date a girl who never stays in one single place for a very long period of time. She may not be the ideal person in the usual, but there’s a certain longing in everyone’s heart to be a wanderlust. And wherever that place may be, it’s going to be alright, because you’re with her. And she’s with you.

Date a girl who believes in the vastness yet value of life: in the sense of “Living your life as if it were the last day of the earth”, because no one values time more than a girl who understands the true meaning behind it. She may want to go climb a mountain, dance at a concert, go skydiving, or maybe even go stargazing, but what she understands is that life should not be spent waiting around for it to end.

Date a girl who tells you that she isn’t afraid of change in her life: may it be a setback, good news, or whatever it may be, she’ll handle it better than anyone else could. She stays grounded, and stays humble, no matter what the situation is.

Date a girl who will change for the better: is she fat? Is she emotionally damaged? Is she just plain stubborn? She wants to better herself, so she knows that in dating you, she’ll have to change her ways, and be an overall better version of herself, not for you, but for her.

If you think she doesn’t believe in settling down, why is she a girl of change if she can’t change her beliefs in life? That’s the beauty of it, when the girl of change would change her way of life because she doesn’t want to leave you just so she could change, but settle down for a change.

Dare to date a girl who likes change, because she might just change your life, as much as you will hers.