Date A Man Who’s Difficult


Date a man who’s difficult.

Date a man who has issues. A cusp between a Virgo and Aries if that’s ever possible. Someone who you know likes things his way. Someone who wants all or nothing. Because every little deviation he makes will be his way of saying he loves you.

Date a man who likes his tea a particular way. The way only you have managed to crack. Because every time he sips a cup elsewhere, he’ll be thankful you’re in his life.

Date a man who’s difficult to please. Who really truly loves just about three to four things in life. Because you could spend a lifetime figuring them out. And every time you do, you’ll sweep him off his feet.

Date a control freak. Because every time he forgets to check if the doors are locked or the keys are in place or the books are arranged in an ascending height order will be a little celebration.

Date a man who’s so engrossed in perfecting every little thing, he’ll forget your birthday almost every year. Because when he does remember, he’ll make up for all the times he forgot.

Date a man who’ll fight for what’s right. Even if it means he fights alone. Because his ethics just won’t allow him to function otherwise. Date him because he’ll share his solitude only with you.

Date a man who’s fussy. Because the fussier he is, the more opinionated he is. You’ll soon realize the fuss takes on an almost childlike quality. You will soon realize it’s the fuss that makes him, him.

Date a man who’s ridiculous. Who has his own little theories about things. Who finds meaning in signs, intuitions and dreams. Date him because he’s desperately looking for someone just like him. Someone just as eccentric. Just as ridiculous. Just as beautiful.

featured image – New Girl