Date A Princess — You Won’t Ever Regret It


I didn’t wake up with a tiara on my head today, I don’t own designer everything, and I don’t show up to the gym in a fully made-up face. But I’m kind of a princess.

Not a princess in the royalty way, but a princess in “I like to make sure everything is taken care of and that I show up looking well-put together” way; A princess in an “I like to make a statement and match while I do it” way; a princess in that I don’t do things halfway. Instead, I go all the way.

And like other women who are princesses, this is why men should date them:

1. They’re extremely detail-oriented.

The fact is, you might say I’m a princess, but I’ll say it’s not that I’m a princess but that I pay attention to detail. There’s beauty in the details and when someone pays attention to all the nooks and crannies, it means she cares.

Your girlfriend in the jogging pants and tank top may be able to breezily make plans with you but I’m there getting the 411. If that makes me a princess, well then, hand me my ball gown: I’m ready.

2. They never wear yoga pants outside of the gym.

I understand other people like to wear yoga pants everywhere and that’s cool. I don’t care what you wear really, although I did have a friend show up to a party of mine in yoga pants. I admit I did think it was odd, but some people like to be comfortable 24/7 and that’s OK … for them. I’m not one of these people.

I wear yoga pants at the gym. I wear yoga pants to jog. I wear regular clothes in public and to the store, and if I’m going out, I dress up. Perhaps this is because I never got to wear super frilly dresses as a kid, but this junior queen believes in cleaning up nicely unless she’s sweating up a storm. So sue me.

3. They color-coordinate every single part of their wardrobe.

I’m Type A and organized, so if you check out my closet you’ll notice it’s organized by item and color. My outfits also, for the most part, have to match, including my bags and coat. It’s not being a princess — it’s being symmetrical.

Plus, whenever I see a woman pulling off a mix of patterns and colors, I’m in awe. That’s like hot hippy chic. I can’t do that. Don’t kill me if my polish matches my sweater; it’s that attention to detail thing.

4. They stay far away from dirt and creepy crawlies.

I save the dirty for the dirty jokes. This doesn’t mean I won’t run outdoors, hike, or go for a bike ride. This doesn’t mean I don’t like animals (I love cats and dogs) and sometimes snakes, but keep the snakes at your house.

It means I won’t be the friend signing up for the mud run. It means if I go camping, it’s because the man is hot and that’s why. So, Brad Pitt, if you called, I’ll join you.

If it crawls and belongs in a horror movie, I want you to kill it. I can’t help it; I’ve had nightmares about spiders since I was a little kid. If you’re the person saving bugs to return them to their natural environment, I commend you. That, however, isn’t me.

5. They like dive bars … but don’t ask them to go to the buffet.

I love a nice cocktail lounge, but you’ll find me comfortable and happy at a dive bar … and maybe a tad overdressed. Nothing better than a good rock band at a dive bar.

Of course, don’t try to take me to the Chinese food buffet. All I’m thinking of as I look at the inside of a buffet is how the Greeks used to eat until they puked, and the bacteria forming on the Kung Pao Chicken just might be lethal. Thanks but, no thanks.

6. They don’t care if you’re not rich, but don’t be cheap.

I don’t need a rich guy. My one love was not a wealthy man by any means. That said, manage whatever money you do have whether it’s 60K or 100K, and don’t be cheap.

No, this doesn’t mean dinners out to five star restaurants, but it does mean making effort and occasionally splurging, as I’ll splurge on my partners. And never buy cheap chocolate; that’s just tacky.

7. They want to be showered with affection.

I don’t want to be ignored and I like the affections of my man. It could be worse: I could be frigid and unresponsive, but this queen doesn’t hold back with her warmth as much as she requires yours.

8. They’re crazy-neat.

I remember getting a grass stain on my jeans as a child and asking my mother, “Will this come out in the wash?” She assured me it would but I wasn’t happy until my favorite jeans came out of the wash, grass stain free.

I’m neat. Maybe this is due to the fact that my father obsessively picked lint off of our clothes. Maybe it’s due to the fact that my mother is a neat freak. Either way, I like to look presentable.

9. They love jeans, but also love dressing fancy.

Yes, I love jeans, especially skinny jeans. They’re my absolute favorite wardrobe staple second to the perfect summer dress. High heels. Dresses. The colors pink and red. The ultimate red lipstick. These are things I love.

Maybe I was a queen in a past life, but I can’t help but liking a bit of the girly. Maybe I can blame my father who has worked in fashion for years so I, in turn, grew up amongst clothing racks. Besides, what blonde can’t rock a shade of pink or red? It’s in the rule book for blondes.

10. They’re a bit high-maintenance.

I’m more high-maintenance than the girl next door, but I’m not a snob nor am I looking to score a guy for his money. In fact, this princess likes making her own money and being her own woman.

That said, don’t be afraid of dating a woman who might be sleeping with a tiara on. We’re enthusiastic, hardworking, detail-obsessed, and very passionate. And as much as we love to be spoiled with your attention and squeezed, we’re just as willing to shower our attentions onto you and perhaps even your body … if you’re lucky.

A man who loves a princess will never go to bed cold.