Date A Softhearted Woman Because She Will Make Your World Better


Date a softhearted woman because she has high expectations for herself. She will treat you in the same way that she expects you to treat her, which means she will stay loyal, treat you with respect, and never hold back her affection. When you’re with her, you will never feel like your emotions are one-sided. You will always feel her love. You will know that her heart only beats for you.

Date a softhearted woman because she will make it easier for you to get through rough patches. When you come to her with problems, she will let you talk for hours while she listens. When you are overly stressed, she will let you lean on her. She will let you borrow some of her strength. You will be able to get through anything as long as you are with her, because she will never give up on you, even long after you have given up on yourself. She will be the reminder you need that you are valuable, that you have a purpose.

Date a softhearted woman because she will bring you comfort. Not every single day with her will be a wild adventure, but you will always enjoy her company. She will help you learn to enjoy the quiet moments, when you’re clasping hands on the couch or when you’re cooking together in the kitchen. Whenever you are around her, you will feel completely at ease. She will bring you peace. Clarity. Comfort. She will make you feel like you have finally found your home.

Date a softhearted woman because one disagreement with her will not lead to the end of the relationship. She is not the kind who screams her lungs out during arguments. She will calmly explain why she is upset and she will expect you to listen to her side of the story. If she gets too fired up, instead of saying something she regrets, she will walk away. She will take some time to cool down. She will come back and talk to you when you are both ready to have a respectful conversation.

Date a softhearted woman because she will show you what true kindness looks like. She will go out of her way to help people, even when it is inconvenient for her. She will do sweet things for others without expecting anything in return, because she is completely selfless. She has strong morals. She has a golden heart.

Date a softhearted woman because she deserves your whole heart, not an almost relationship. She belongs in a committed relationship. She doesn’t want to be stuck in a casual situation where she has to censor what she says and time how long she takes to reply. She isn’t the type to put on an act to impress others. She wants to be real with you. She wants to show you her true self.

Date a softhearted woman because she will act as your teammate. As your partner. As your best friend. As your forever.

Date a softhearted woman because she will change your world for the better.