Date Someone That’s Excited To Spend The Holidays With You


Date someone that helps you continue the traditions that you’ve followed ever since you were a little kid, even if they come from a different background or follow a different religion or have been a Grinch all of their lives. Someone that loves you so much that they agree to decorate the house with you and drive around to look at the lights–and they actually enjoy it all, because you make every second worthwhile.

Date someone that encourages you to have dinner with their family, even if you’re shy around strangers. Someone that wants to show you off, so that their relatives can see how successful they’ve been in love. Someone that wouldn’t be able to enjoy their holiday without you sitting by their side, holding their hand underneath the table while you re-tell the story of how you two met.

Date someone that will make you hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows) and then share a blanket with you while you watch some crappy Lifetime movie. Someone that will sit through Love Actually, sing along to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and laugh at Eight Crazy Nights.

Date someone that takes you ice skating and sledding, even if it involves tramping through ten inches of snow. Someone that drapes their jacket over you when you shiver and rubs your hands to warm you up. Someone that would do anything, even risk frostbite, to make you happy.

Date someone that helps you do your holiday shopping. Someone that will walk around the mall with you for hours, trying to find the perfect present for your mother. Someone who won’t just stand there, but will actually throw out ideas that he thinks your parents might like.

Date someone that doesn’t have to ask you what they should buy you, because they know you well enough to come up with gift ideas on their own. Someone that genuinly doesn’t give a crap about what you hand them, because they’re more excited to see the look on your face when you unwrap what they hand you.

Date someone that’s truly a kid at heart. Someone that will throw a snowball at you when you crack a lame joke. Someone that will sing along to Santa Baby when it comes over the loudspeaker while grocery shopping. Someone that will make you laugh, even when the stress of shopping and working overtime threatens to ruin you.

Date someone that still calls you beautiful, even when you’re wearing thick flannel pajamas or are covered in four layers of clothing. Someone that still wants to rip your outfit off, even when the house is as cold as the outside air. Someone that makes you feel sexy, even when your skin is dry and nose is runny.

Date someone that makes you feel like a kid again on Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa). Someone that reminds you why you always loved this time of year when you were little. Someone that gives you a reason to look forward to unwrapping presents and taking pictures in your pajamas.

Date someone that you can imagine spending every holiday with for the rest of your lives. Someone that you want to wake up next to for eternity.