Date Someone Who Calls Instead Of Texts


Date someone who calls you late at night because he misses hearing your voice instead of sending you a quick text with emojis scattered at the end.

Date someone who knows you said you aren’t in the mood for fries but buys you a container anyway just in case you change your mind and want to nibble on a few.

Date someone who surprises you with the pair of boots you kept staring at while browsing through the mall, even though you decided they were too expensive to waste money on.

Date someone who takes you to the movie you have been excited about since you’ve first seen the trailer, even though he has zero interest in seeing it himself. 

Date someone who buys you presents that you have secretly been hoping to receive all year because he picks up on your most subtle hints.

Date someone who offers to drive when you’re too tired to take the wheel yourself. Someone who washes the dishes when you look like you’ve had a rough day and cannot take anymore stress. Someone who does the little things that make a huge impact.

Date someone who goes above and beyond your expectations.

Date someone who could get away with doing the minimum amount because you are laid back and low maintenance — but always puts in a little extra effort anyway because he believes you are worth it.

Date someone who reads your favorite book because he wants to see why you like it so much. Someone who watches your favorite shows with you even though he doesn’t get the hype. Someone who will play your music in the car even though you don’t mind listening to his music instead.

Date someone who won’t complain when you ask him to go grocery shopping with you, because he will be the one to suggest tagging along with you. Someone who won’t act like spending time with you is a burden because it’s what he wants to do.

Date someone who realizes effort is attractive. Someone who is unafraid of appearing clingy or desperate by spoiling you. Someone who knows you do not need him to surprise you with concert tickets and dinner reservations, but does it anyway because he wants to make you happy.

Date someone who never considers spoiling you a chore. Someone who is more excited to give you presents and see your face light up than he is to receive gifts himself. 

Date someone who notices when you come home stressed and offers to give you a massage. Someone who realizes whether I’m fine means you’re actually okay or whether you’re just pretending. Someone who pays attention to the little things you never thought mattered until you met each other.

Date someone who calls instead of texts. Someone who listens instead of waiting for his turn to talk. Someone who treats you like a priority instead of a backup plan.

Date someone who makes you feel like you are easy to love. Better than that, date someone who makes you feel like you are exciting to love.