Date Someone Who Makes It Impossible To Date Anyone Else (Not Even Yourself)


“Date Someone Who” has proven to be a popular formula, so here’s my take:

Date someone who knows you, perhaps, even better than yourself. Date someone who can tell your mood by the twitch of your face, or a fleeting side glance. Date someone who knows your every little or big secret, and still loves you anyway – despite knowing damn well what he’s getting into (that you could have a personality disorder or some mental health risks. No biggie).

Date someone who can make you happy, on days when you simply can’t. Date someone who tries, and still gives you the “butterflies” even when he isn’t really trying. Date someone who knows the best ways to make you smile, and the worst. Date someone who remembers the little things that you don’t expect him to, like the brand of your favourite childhood snack, your mom’s birthday, or the dress that you fell in love with at the shop’s display window.

Date someone who tells you “it’s all worth it” to invest his time, effort and money in exchange of a big genuine smile on your face. Date someone who makes you want to be the person who loves more, even though it’s gonna be a tough competition.

Date someone who turns your insecurities or flaws into strengths. That you’re not quiet, you’re thoughtful. That you’re not insecure, but needs more love and assurance. That you’re beautiful, if only you could see through my eyes.

Heck, date someone who is “delusional” enough to think you’re the most attractive human being he’s ever met. Not just on the outside, but the inside too. Date someone who notices when you have curled your hair, or splurged on a nice dress to go on a dinner date. Date someone who laughs at your jokes, even when you’re aware that they are like, really bad. Date someone who listens, and understands even when the words don’t match your feelings.

Date someone who shares – his attention, circles of friends, or even an apartment together. Date someone who doesn’t mind your quirks and habits, or even describes them as “adorable” (seriously? *burps*).

Date someone who celebrates you, and together, “us”. Date someone who is there for you in every milestone in life: your first job interview, a performance concert, or when you finally learned how to cook spaghetti Bolognese from scratch (yay!). Date someone who doesn’t mind holding silly little celebrations of your love too: first kiss, “monthly” anniversaries or a favourite love song that is the best to cuddle to.

Date someone who still keeps a secret stash of your favourite food, even when you’ve been complaining that “it’s time to go on a diet!!!!!” #eatclean #lovedirty

Date someone who spoils you. Maybe a little too much, sometimes.

Date someone who respects your personal ideas and beliefs, even when he represents the complete opposite. Date someone who doesn’t try to change who you are, and understands that you’ve lived a life before him. Date someone who accepts your family and friends too, including your loud, overbearing mom or that girlfriend who loves to gossip a little too much (ahem, girls will be girls).
Date someone who makes you feel excited about the future, knowing that he’ll be right smack in it.

Date someone who makes you do crazy things that you’d never have done before too. Like watching a bunch of sweaty men chasing after a ball, or learning how to cook despite never setting foot in the kitchen before this, whole relationship thing. (In his defence, he probably had to sit through a chick flick or carry your handbag when you’re busy shopping too.)

Date someone who takes you through all sorts of days. The high, the low, and the mundane in-between. At the end of the day, you’re just grateful to have someone to go home to.

Date someone who makes you understand, finally, what is love. Because that’s all that counts. The magical four-letter word that is now unconditionally linked to him. Date someone who makes even the wildest of you to believe in love, and practise it, day after day.

Above all, date someone who makes it impossible to date someone else. Because quite frankly, no one else would ever measure up.

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