Date Someone Who Makes You Dream


Date someone who dares you to dream. Who helps you to envision the impossible and yet in their presence, makes it seem possible. Tangible. Real. Someone who stirs you to dream bigger, to expand your thinking, to remove the limitations you’ve placed on yourself. Someone who helps you call forward the future and who assists you to see what remains unseen by others. Someone who challenges your perspective and helps you to push beyond what you think you’re capable of; in order to manifest your heart’s deepest desires – together.

Date someone who isn’t afraid to take risks. Someone who’s ok with looking like a fool sometimes in order to stand out and stand up for what they believe in – even if everyone else around both of you remains seated or silent.

Date someone who excites and awakens your soul. Someone you’re ecstatic to talk to because they mean the world to you. The one who gives you a smile and makes your heart dance when you see their name appear on your screen. The one who makes you smile through the river of tears. Date someone who’s willing to explore the depths of your soul, including the darkest corners you’ve hidden away from the rest of the world and who still finds beauty in the ashes.

Date someone who isn’t afraid of getting to know the ‘real you’ – sans mask or makeup, flaws and all, and yet still finds you absolutely captivating. Date someone who understands your journey in life so far and isn’t afraid of reading your story. In fact, they are adamant about penning the next chapter of your story that you write, hoping that you write them into it.

Date someone who sees the silver lining in a sky of grey. Someone who inspires, motivates, encourages and empowers you to be, do and feel your best. Even when it’s hard for you to see the good within yourself. In a world full of negativity and pessimism, dating someone who remains positive and optimistic is a real blessing.

Date someone who knows how to dance in the rain. Someone who finds joy in the simple things – be that laying under the stars, long walks on the beach and splashing in the ocean, or laughter late at night on the couch as you sip hot chocolate. Coffeeshop dates. Cheap takeaway dinners and late-night wanderings. Time seems to fly when you’re in their presence.

Date someone who isn’t afraid to fail. Someone who’s ok with constantly learning and making mistakes. Someone, in fact, who encourages and embraces constant failure as a useful feedback mechanism. Because they understand that you cannot succeed if you do not fail. Accept that failure is a part of the journey you both must embrace together if you wish to learn, grow and mature as a couple.

Date someone who doesn’t have just sight, but a vision for the future. Someone who can see the magic in the everyday and mundane. Someone who sees the world as a canvas to create a masterpiece – together. Date someone who teaches you how to slow down, to dance to the rhythm of life and be present in the ‘here and now’. Life is so short. Learn to cherish each and every moment you have together.

Date someone who understands that the only way to progress is to move forward. Someone who’s willing to stand by you through a night of grief and despair, where both of you might be tired, battered and bruised, yet understand what it takes to keep hustling hard to put food on the table and to make it work – despite the struggle. Date someone who’d be willing to stand alongside you in the fiery pits of hell, just so you wouldn’t have to stand there alone and to hold your hand as you triumph through the darkest of times and step forward into the light.

So if you’re looking for your dreamer, how will you know you that you’ve found them?

You’ll feel it when your dreamer shifts something deep within yourself.

They are that someone who awakens your soul and makes you come alive. Someone who makes you feel absolutely comfortable with being yourself. Someone who understands you, without you having to explain yourself all the time. Someone who inspires you and spurs you on, yet one who also makes you feel warm, accepted, loved, respected, honored and safe around. Someone who you trust, and one who trusts you. You can feel comfortable with being vulnerable and open and honest and raw. Someone whose values and dreams align with your own. Most importantly, someone who brings the greatest amount of joy and happiness to your life.

When you feel that shift, you know that they’re not just a dream anymore, but that they’re here. They’re present, right now, in your reality – and are eagerly awaiting your love in return.