Date Someone Who Makes You Feel Sexy


You shouldn’t have to spend an hour getting ready before you drive over to your boyfriend’s house. You shouldn’t freak out over what to wear before seeing him because you want to impress him that badly. You can do all of those things if they make you happy, but they shouldn’t feel like requirements. You shouldn’t feel like you’re going to lose him if he sees you without concealer over your skin or spanx against your waist.

You should date someone who thinks you’re beautiful in your natural state. Someone who loves what you look like in tight skirts and cat eyes, but also loves what you look like when your clothes are loose and skin is bare.

You should date someone who makes you feel sexy every hour of the day.

Date someone who screenshots every snap you send him, even if you felt like a total mess when you took the picture.

Date someone who compliments you on the pieces of yourself that you always felt self-conscious about, because your flaws aren’t flaws in his eyes.

Date someone who only calls you crazy when you complain about how bad you look in a photograph or about how you’re having such a bad hair day.

Date someone who makes comments about how sexy you look, even when you’re wearing oversized pajamas with your makeup washed off.

Date someone who looks at you like you are the most beautiful woman he has ever laid his eyes on.

Date someone who gives you a boost in confidence, whether you are wearing a little black dress or gray sweatpants. Someone who makes you stop doubting your own beauty, because you can tell he means it when he says he loves your eyes or your legs or your butt.

Date someone who you are comfortable being naked in front of, because you know how much he adores every inch of your body.

Date someone who gets hard after kissing you for five seconds, because he is that attracted to you.

Date someone who makes you feel like a sex goddess, because he can’t stop telling you how sexy you are when you’re on top of him.

Date someone who makes you feel hot. Someone who never lets a day go by without complimenting some aspect of you. Someone who feels like you are completely out of his league — even though you feel the same way about him.

Date someone who lifts you up, not someone who tears you down. Not someone who compares you to other women. Not someone who makes comments about how he wishes you would dress differently. Not someone who lowers your confidence.

Date someone who makes you feel like the hottest woman in every room. Someone who reminds you of how beautiful you are on your bad, bloated days. Someone who brings you back down to earth when your insecurities get the best of you.

Date someone who thinks you’re sexy as hell and wouldn’t dream of dating anyone else.