Date Someone Who Sees Your Insecurities And Still Likes You


Date someone who thinks you look beautiful when you step out of the shower with your messy hair and pimpled face. Someone who loves your voice even though you hate it and thinks you are sexy even though you would never describe yourself that way.

Date someone who knows you snore a little too loud and chew a little too loud but never complains about the sound. Someone who is aware you have trust issues and abandonment issues but helps you work through them. Someone who sees the quirks you consider insecurities and loves you anyway.

Never date someone who makes you feel like you have to pretend to be classier, funnier, more intelligent. Never date someone who you have to censor yourself around to avoid offending. Never date someone who you hesitate to open yourself up to because you know they would decide you weren’t good enough if they saw the real, unfiltered you.

Date someone who sees the pieces of you that you consider insecurities and decides they are not so bad. Someone who actually likes some of the qualities you call flaws. Someone who thinks you look cute in your glasses, even though you never leave your house without contacts. Someone who thinks you’re a good dancer, even though you feel uncomfortable on the dance floor. Someone who compliments you on pieces of yourself you have always hated. 

Date someone who has seen every single side of you, even when you were at your ugliest. The times when you were crying your eyes out with mascara trailing down your face. The times when you were so pissed that you started screaming until your throat burned. The times when you were falling over drunk and throwing up from the flu. The times when you felt awkward and uneasy and embarrassing.

Date someone who has seen you at your worst and still loves you. Someone who knows the real you, the you who comes out in private when you’re lounging on the couch in pajamas and pouring chips into your mouth directly from the packet. The you who isn’t trying to impress anyone and is just acting natural. 

Date someone who couldn’t care less about how much you weigh or what clothes you are wearing. Someone who doesn’t mind if you show up to dates in sweatpants without any make-up on. Someone who loves you, regardless of whether you choose to dress up or dress down. Someone who thinks you look beautiful when you put in effort and equally as beautiful when you aren’t trying at all.

Date someone who knows how much you hate the moles across your body and your uneven teeth — but doesn’t hate any of those things themselves. Someone who thinks you’re perfect exactly the way you are, even if you cannot see that yourself. Even if you are in denial about how beautiful you look every second of every day.

Date someone who loves you when you feel ugly. When you feel annoying. When you feel your most unlovable.