Date Someone Who Will Let You Look Through Their Phone


Date someone who won’t freak out and snatch their cell away when you’re playing a game on their phone and then a text message comes through.

Date someone who tells you who they’re texting when their phone beeps, so you don’t have to sit there wondering whether you’ll sound too nosy if you ask them.

Date someone who gives you the passcode to their phone without thinking twice about it, because they don’t want any secrets to exist between the two of you.

Date someone who lets you look at their phone to see who texted them when they’re driving and can’t look at the screen themselves.

Date someone who lets you flip through their pictures whenever you’d like, because the only nudes they have in their gallery are of you.

Date someone who doesn’t hesitate to leave their phone on the couch when they shower, because they don’t have anything that they’re trying to hide.

Date someone who tells you when their ex or a flirty coworker texts them, so you don’t have to find out the hard way.

Date someone who doesn’t mind it when you search through their phone for fun games to play, because they don’t have any sketchy apps like Tinder that you might stumble across.

Date someone who doesn’t mind it when you change the alarms on their phone to say something cute or when you log into their Facebook to post a sappy status about your relationship.

Date someone who doesn’t even question why you have their phone in your hands, because they know you’re probably just trying to save data on your own phone.

Date someone who lets you download silly little apps onto their phone, so that you two can challenge each other to games over the internet.

Date someone who lets you text their friends from their number, because anything that their friends can say to them, they can say in front of you.

Date someone who lets you hold their phone for safe keeping when they’re too drunk or tired to handle it themselves.

Date someone who doesn’t have a random stranger’s phone number saved in their phone, just in case you break up and they need someone to rebound with.

Date someone who doesn’t shield their screen from your view when they’re typing out a text message or when they’re reading a text message.

Date someone who leaves their messages in their phone for a few days, instead of deleting them as soon as they receive them to make it seem like their inbox is empty.

Date someone who explains who it is they’re texting if you’ve never heard the name before in your life.

Date someone who will let you read through all of their conversations, even though you don’t actually want to, because you trust them 100% and want to respect their privacy. 

Date someone who barely picks up their phone when you’re in the room, because they’d rather have a conversation with you face-to-face than with their friends over a screen.