Date Someone You Can Watch Disney Movies With


Date someone who will sing along to every single song with you, even during those special parts of The Circle Of Life where you’re basically just spouting gibberish, because you don’t know the actual words.

Date someone who doesn’t find it weird that you can go straight from watching a brutally bloody episode of Game Of Thrones to watching a cartoon crab sing about his life under the sea.

Date someone who will pause the film to fuck you on the couch, because they feel like it would be inappropriate to get naked with Snow White watching.

Date someone who is willing to see new Disney movies with you the day that they’re released, even if it means that you’ll be sharing the theater with crying babies and their inattentive parents.

Date someone who will actually have tears in their eyes when Simba is trying to wake up Mufasa or when Bambi’s mother gets shot, even though they’ve already seen the scene twenty times before.

Date someone who laughs at the inappropriate jokes that went over their head as a child, but also laughs at the silly little puns that only toddlers should find funny.

Date someone who holds your hand throughout the entire movie, but squeezes just a little bit tighter whenever there’s a kissing scene or a romantic carpet ride.

Date someone who will go into full-on child mode with you and eat chicken nuggets and drink chocolate milk while you watch Mulan kick some ass.

Date someone who talks about how badly they want to take you to Disney World to meet Mickey Mouse in person whenever you spot a hidden Mickey in one of the films.

Date someone who tells you cute little stories about their childhood whenever a certain scene sparks a memory.

Date someone who makes not-so-subtle comments about how much smarter, sweeter, and cuter you are compared to the princes and princesses they grew up admiring.

Date someone who doesn’t immediately turn down your idea to dress up as Belle and Gaston for Halloween after you watch Beauty and the Beast together.

Date someone who looks at you in the same way that Lady looks at the Tramp and Pongo looks at Perdita.

Date someone who will make a drinking game out of Frozen, and will remind you to take a shot every single time that Anna talks about how much she loves a man she barely even knows.

Date someone who doesn’t get angry when they realize all of their “suggestions” on Netflix are cartoons, because you forced them to watch dozens of Disney movies on their account.

Date someone who is able to tell you interesting little tidbits about the film that you didn’t even know yourself, even though you’re an avid Disney fan.

Date someone who isn’t embarrassed to tell their friends that they stayed up the whole night watching all of the Toy Story movies with you.

Date someone you can picture watching Disney movies with ten years from now, while your little boy or girl is sitting in between the two of you.