Date Someone You Can’t Wait To Grow Old With


Date someone who will take a stroll around the block with you and point out the type of house that they want to buy with you in the future.

Date someone who squeezes your hand when you spot an elderly couple at the grocery store, because they’re imagining what you’ll both look like fifty years from now.

Date someone your parents already call their “son-in-law” or “daughter-in-law,” even though you aren’t actually engaged yet.

Date someone who casually mentions what kind of cake or music they want at your wedding, because they know marriage is in your future.

Date someone you’re excited to share a bathroom, a bed, and a life with, even though you were always terrified of commitment when you dated your exes.

Date someone who tells you what a great parent you’d be whenever you have the smallest interaction with a child.

Date someone who shows you pictures of different breeds of dog, because they want to know what kind of pet you’ll be able to adopt together in the future.

Date someone you can imagine doing mundane things with, like painting the living room walls a new color or going to the Bingo hall down the block.

Date someone you’re comfortable talking about the future with, because there’s no question in your mind that you two will still be together ten years from now.

Date someone who isn’t afraid to mention how badly they want to spend the rest of their life with you, even if their friends are around to hear it.

Date someone you know will still find you attractive, even when you’re creased with wrinkles and aren’t able to have sex with your broken hip.

Date someone who actually likes looking at the boring sections of stores, because they want to see what kind of toaster or washing machine would look best in your future home.

Date someone even your most cautious friends are pushing you to marry, because they know that you’ve finally found someone that deserves you.

Date someone who knows all of your hopes and dreams for the future, and fully supports them.

Date someone who’s happy to talk about hypotheticals, like what they’d do if you ended up living on a farm together or if you ended up living in a city together.

Date someone who doesn’t seem impressed whenever a cute couple pops on the television, because they think that you two are much cuter.

Date someone who uses “we” more than “I,” because they know they’re never going to be single again.

Date someone you can’t wait to go on your honeymoon with, even if you end up going to Hawaii instead of Paris like you’ve always wanted.

Date someone you know you’d still find sexy with graying hair and a sagging stomach.

Date someone you’re excited to take the next step with, whether that means moving in together, getting married, or getting pregnant.

Date someone you’d be proud to call your husband or wife for the rest of your life, because there’s no one else on this planet that you’d rather spend your days with.