Date The Guy Who Won’t Give Up On You


He’s the sincere one. The believer. The one who’s enough of a man to handle all of you. The one who quietly makes up his mind to fulfill all your dreams as if they were his own.

He’s the observant one.Watch him observe regular things with a keenness that can’t be replicated. He’s the one who’s watched The Godfather, Scarface, and The Usual Suspects but you wouldn’t believe him till he narrates his favorite scene. He’s the bright-eyed kid in man’s clothing, the one with the unusually bright smile for his unusually sober profession.

He’s the one who notices all your imperfections, and embraces them, (like the extra bit of bone jutting out under your thumb ) and caresses it while you’re gazing at him.

He’s the late riser, the early bloomer; he’s seldom slow but mostly late; he’s as fiery as he is complacent – paradoxes take on a new meaning as you discover each new aura that he unveils.

If you can’t take up a good challenge, walk away from him right now – before he refuses to let go.

Life with him is anything but monotonous as you realize that there’s more to him than that perfect brain. He comes equipped with more-than-perfect, he’s beautiful in how he sees things, he’s beautiful in how he gazes with wonder at creations of science, as he does for those of art.

He can stare at a machine all day and work in binary but has as much life and vigor as a child at a Christmas fete. He’ll ask you how you’re feeling a little more than he should, but that’s because dating him is always signing up for a little more.

A little more kissing before you break for air.

A little more compliments than you deserve

A little more information than your brain can handle sometimes

A little more laughter

A little more fiction, a little more facts

A little more of a fairytale than you signed up for…

And when you think you should leave, he’ll gaze at you a little more tenderly than he should, and leave you questioning yourself like you’ve done twice over.

He’ll walk your dog when you have an awful cold and read to you on nights you’d rather keep your eyes shut. And then there’ll be days when he’ll want soup and bread with eggs to go, and you’ll make it all because indulging him does as much for his needs as it does for yours.

He’ll laugh at you a lot, but even better, he’ll teach you that’s it’s okay to laugh at yourself sometimes.

While other couples are fighting on where to spend the weekend, you know you’re going to be on the couch with him, your bodies intertwined, your limbs snaked through each other, your hair in tangles, snuggled up together with a good book each, while no one makes it to the next chapter because you’ll be too lost in each other.

Date a guy who won’t give up on you. He’s the one who silences you with a kiss when you ask him if he’s going to leave.

He’s the computer geek you didn’t ask for but secretly admire. When you have fights, he’ll always be the calm one, the one trying to see reason when all you see is chaos, he’s used to fighting bugs in his code all day so he’ll find a way out of this, rest assured.

He isn’t perfect.

He may often withdraw or keep to himself, but only so you can’t see him mending the bits that have been scarred, the angst he sometimes finds himself in or the precious time he sometimes needs to get his thoughts together, his calm together, his wits together- to get his perfect self together.

He’s going to annoy the hell out of you. Very often. But it’s going to be so frustrating that you can’t decide if you want to walk away and never look back or kiss him till he surrenders his soul.

He’s the mystery you can’t wait to unravel, quite like the code he writes that you wish you could read, but decide against anyway.

He’s going to take up a lot of your time. But better still, he’s going to be worth every bit of your time.

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself arguing with him about stuff that matters, and you’ll disagree more than you agree- but he’s going to go out of his way to not make you feel small, even though you know he’s the smarter one.

He’ll always want to talk things out, you’ll always end up saying a little more than you should, and obsess about it all day. He’ll tell you it’s okay.

He’ll tell you it’s okay when you’re wrong.

He’ll tell you it’s okay when you’re embarrassed.

He’ll make you feel okay when you’re hurt.

You’ll be his little bit of magic, he’ll be your muse. You’ll laugh long and hard, and love quite as hard too. He’ll take you with a fierce possession you can’t help but surrender to.

There’ll be many nights of dreaming, many nights of loving and many nights of quietude doing absolutely nothing but embracing each other’s presence.

And then there will be days.

Days of doing, days of living, days of winning. And he’ll be there by you through them all.

He’ll promise never to hurt you, cause he’s been there himself. You’ll want to believe him, so desperately but you’ll always fear for your own lost heart.

Then again, it won’t matter. For you can’t fear for what you’ve already lost.