Date The Guy You Can’t Go An Hour Without Thinking About


Date the guy you can’t stop thinking about, no matter how hard you try.

Date the guy that you have imaginary conversations with in your head that hold you over until you see him face-to-face.

Date the guy you start missing the second he drives away from your house.

Date the guy you think of immediately after seeing an attractive stranger, and then make the decision that the stranger wasn’t that hot after all.

Date the guy your friends are beyond sick of hearing about, because you can’t stop his name from falling from your lips.

Date the guy who makes it hard for you to concentrate on your work, because you keep thinking about how many hours are left until you get to see him again.

Date the guy you have to struggle to keep from texting, because you’d talk to him every second of every day if you could.

Date the guy you wake up thinking about, fall asleep thinking about, and dream about.

Date the guy who pops into your head whenever you hear a love song, because the lyrics relate to your relationship perfectly.

Date the guy you picture whenever you hear the word soulmate or forever person. 

Date the guy you want to talk to as soon as you hear about your pay raise, your best friend’s new boyfriend, or your cousin’s engagement.

Date the guy you replay conversations with over and over again in your head.

Date the guy you’ve fantasized about walking down the aisle with as much as you’ve fantasized about fucking.

Date the guy your stomach drops over when you hear a text and realize it wasn’t from him.

Date the guy you think of whenever you see a love scene in a movie.

Date the guy you wish was with you when you’re out with your friends or at a family party, because you know he’d make the night even better than it already is.

Date the guy you’re reminded of whenever you see a commercial for his favorite beer or an actor who looks just like him.

Date the guy you think about when you touch yourself.

Date the guy you’re hoping to impress when you get dressed in the morning or post a cute selfie.

Date the guy that’s always hidden in the back of your mind, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Date the first guy you think of when your aunts and uncles ask you if you’re seeing anyone.

Date the guy you’ve written about in your journal hundreds of times.

Date the guy that’s still on your mind, even if you haven’t seen him for a full week.

Date the guy you were thinking about while reading through this list.