Dating Is So Much Harder When You’re An Ambitious Woman — But Don’t Let That Stop You


It might be that you’ve been working so hard, so you’ve been thinking a quite bit. Or it could be that you just learn about anything – so that your experience has changed the way you think about your friends, your life, and what you really want from relationships and work.

I didn’t mean to say that your change is a bad thing. Actually, a lot of things these days will change you. You’re not again just have one perception in your life about anything, you start to off the horse glasses that shackle your thought all this time.

You just have to believe that every experience will lead to change you somehow – for better version of you. As you grow old, you should be ready to face the world, change more, grow more, and be more than you are. And it will scare a man who have to desire you sometimes.

Here’s the things I want you to know: you didn’t become heartless, you just became smarter, you choose to not to settle on someone else. Your focus is no longer only to found a right man for yourself, more than that, you’re also busy growing into a better woman.

I need you to understand that you don’t deserve a weak man who would be intimidated by a woman who is smarter than him or smart enough to be considered as his equal.

Never hold yourself back just for the sake of not intimidating man. Be selfish, be greedy on knowledge, advocate yourself, BE AMBITIOUS.

Of course you don’t have to worried of intimidating man, because a really strong man wants a woman who is equal to him. A weak man only wants someone that is docile and a servant to him – it is a real sign of insecurity in a man to want a brainless wife. Every woman can be beautiful, intelligent and have careers and opinions just as strong as their partners.