Dear Fear, I Got A Dream That One Day We’re Going To Work It Out


Dear fear, I got a dream that one day we’re gonna work it out. One day I will set a match to your vulnerability and it will disintegrate in the hands of freedom and wholeness.

Dear anxiety, we’re not getting along, we’ve got to break up. You don’t have my best interests at heart and you’re holding me back. You don’t believe in love and it’s what I need most.

Dear insecurities, who even are you? You give me nothing! I just want to be safe in my own skin. Please leave!

Fear, anxiety and insecurities, are what you are left with when you’ve encountered too many bullies, experienced too many heartbreaks, or the people you trusted as a source of love suddenly break that source. It’s becoming a pessimist when you’re an optimist. It’s feeling needy when you’re naturally independent. You question everything you have ever come to believe as true, you doubt yourself, you become paranoid and need reassurance. You believe that the problem is you. It sounds pathetic but It happens everyone. It is real life. Nobody can escape their mind.

What makes things even scarier is that most people have a natural sense of survival instilled within that motivates protective behavior. Everything we think, feel and experience is influenced by chemical signals in the brain and all the brain wants to do is protect us. The brain is wired to remember emotionally charged events and interpret these experiences vividly. Our minds are programmed to live in fear and not freedom.

So you somehow begin playing it safe and closing your heart off, because the brain remembers and knows everything that has hurt you previously and stops you from doing it again, but playing it safe means you won’t grow into a more rounded and fuller version of yourself. It means you stay stuck, living in fear, anxiety and insecurities because you think that by staying in your protective zone will solve all your problems, but they just keep you their idol.

At this point, you are your own worst enemy. You are your biggest burden. Being insecure is a huge energy drain for you and others around you. It’s like doing violence upon yourself. We end up protecting all the precious parts of ourselves, that we miss the opportunity to share our pearls and gems with others.

The only way to get rid of fear is to dive straight into your core and pull out all your tightly knitted hurts and wounds. When people are hurting, what they need is love. You can only heal your heart with the medicine it reacts with best. The body knows how to heal itself, it is incredibly intelligent. By opening your heart and learning to trust people again is the only way to trust.

You can spend hours, days, weeks and months trying to understand and analyze a situation, trying to dissect people’s behavior and intentions, but you will never learn the truth, you will only end up emotionally exhausted. Life is not black and white and it’s not in our power to control everything that happens around us. You are incredibly strong beneath your insecurities. Your mission in life was never to be liked or to fit in, it was to be yourself, radiate all that you are and attract the people that match what you are radiating Looking for your sense of self-worth in the approval of others never leads to contentment.

Accepting that every time you find something can also mean losing something is an easier way to look at life. It helps you to appreciate what you have in the moment and value your connections. Every connection is valuable but not everything in life is permanent. Everything is constantly changing, including you!