Dear Future Boyfriend, I Will Find You Someday


Dear future boyfriend,

In today’s society, all I can really do is hope for the best. Until you come along, here are just a few things I wanted you to know.

I don’t know who you are and I don’t know what you’ll look like but I’m pretty sure you’ll be worth the wait. You’ll probably dress like every other guy but you’ll always look best in your plain white shirt and boxers. You’ll also look hot as hell in the black straight cut jeans you wore to our first date.

I’m going to love you for everything you are because you accepted me for my “curves” and my visual acuity. Yes, you still love me with my glasses on. Your hair will always look better short and sexy pushed back 😉 But it’ll look even better in the morning when you’ve just woken up.

I will never ask too much from you. I will never let you face your problems alone. Unless you really want to be alone to hide away and find your peace of mind with indie records better than Taylor Swift’s. But as long as I’m your girlfriend I’ll be here to listen. I’ll never ask you to meet my expectations and I will never ask you to change for me. Even when you’re wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of tailored shorts to meet my parents.

Your friends won’t be a problem with me (As long as they’re not douchebags). But either way, I’ll befriend them so we can all get along fine. And so we can play video games and talk crap at each other as if not only are they your brothers but mine too. I won’t even mind you talking to your friends about your other problems as long as you don’t keep them from me because I never want you to feel that I am unaware and that I don’t care. I do care. A lot.

I’m going to put you through the shittiest drama ever and we’ll work through both our internal struggles. We’re going to fight like hell but then I’m going to apologize with a box of pizza. In addition, you’ll brace yourself for my 3-part apology that will end with us crying and laughing. Or crying or laughing.

I’m going to love you because you’re the kind of person I’ve always wanted to be with. The kind of guy who is himself when he’s with me and the kind of guy that doesn’t try too hard. You’ll get to me in the most simple but endearing ways possible too, which is why it won’t be difficult to fall in love with you everyday.

My favorite moments will always be the days we spend in your car trying to find places to wander in. We’ll watch sunsets and take roadtrips. You’ll be the one who will successfully drive me over the edge and show me the world and how happy and beautiful it is. I’ll hesitate sometimes about doing things at random but you’ll convince me that being spontaneous is the way forward.

If anyone is going to change it’s going to be me. You are going to make me a better person who’ll make better choices and look at the world differently. You’re going to change me in the best way and for good reason.

You’re going to forget most things because you’re unorganized, a complete opposite of me. But you’re always going to smell good. The kind that is so swoon-worthy and that’s just good enough compensation for me.

I’m going to be super clingy even when you really hate it sometimes and we’re going to fight about it but there goes your next box of pizza.

Your text messages will always be the highlight of my day even when you’re just saying Hi. Your dance moves are going to suck so bad that I’ll thank God because I suck as hell too. Your laughter will be the best sound and I will always look forward to hearing your husky morning voice.

We’re going to be the weirdest people ever put together but I won’t mind as long as you’re going to be next to me for the rest of our insane lives. We’re going to be cheesy and boring and ultimately the corniest people on record. But I can’t wait to be with you. We’ll waste time endlessly but we’ll never run out of things to do.

So if you’re out there, come find me already.